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Your agency software solution is finally here

Have you heard of the excellent service and solutions that come with AVYST?  AVYST is a provider of streamlined workflow options for independent insurance agencies.  These easy processes are designed to make each agency able to smoothly handle a referral from start to finish.  Referrals come into agencies usually through an application and quoting process.  When an individual is shopping around for insurance they are likely looking for rates.  After the individual puts in a fair amount of information to the quoting agency about themselves, a number comes out which best relates to their situation.  This is a two-fold process.  Firstly the individual is getting what they need from the website, which is a quote on potential insurance coverage.  Secondly, the insurance agency receives information about their current and potential customers which allows them to better shape their policies and market to a wider range of people.

For all these actions to occur, an efficient software solution needs to be put in place within insurance solutionsthe website.  Behind the scenes there is a great deal going on just to get those parts in place.  Avyst has these processes down to a science and they can provide the workflow that you need.  Avyst can provide a detailed solution to whatever your needs are in a particular market.  Need a wider customer base?  Need more information about your potential customers?  Need a way to integrate your digital forms to third party providers?  Avyst can do all of this and more with their detailed insurance agency software solutions.  You are very well aware that insurance agency software is complicated just like every other aspect of insurance.  And Avyst understands these complexities and has worked hard to find attainable fixes that they can provide to you at a very reasonable rate.  Their systems naturally guide your referrals through a network that gives them the answer they want while collecting the information that you want.  This is done through an “intelligent interview” and quoting process.  The digital documents that your referrals and current customers complete can then be easily integrated into your network with this software as well.

Once you are able to begin tracking where exactly your referrals are coming from, you can capitalize on those sources.  That is just one of the many positive effects of being able to collect data on anyone that visits your agency’s site to get a quote.  This basic information is also added to a larger network of data that will be used to analyze everything about your website, how it reaches customers, and how referrals see your agency.  With the network and website solutions that are provided through Avyst, you will begin seeing data and results immediately.  Your referrals are already boosting your website activity, but they will really spike once you begin to understand how and where they are coming from.  Finally, the insurance agency software solution that you have been searching for is here and ready to help you get a hold on your agency website and referral management workflow.

A low cost hotel with a five star feel

Finding a hotel while you are out on the road traveling can at times be an overwhelming task. You may not have the time nor the resources necessary to search the appropriate amount and locate the perfect hotel that fits all of the needs of your party. This is the case for many people in many different parts of the country ever day, but for those of you who happen to be traveling through the area near Atmore, Alabama, this article has a wonderful recommendation for an Atmore Hotel and for the best possible lodging near casino populated areas.

The Muskogee Inn is conveniently located right off the highway and within walking distance from all of the hot spots and amazing casinos in the area of Atmore, Alabama. The hotel just recently renovated all of its eighty eight rooms to assure that they are well prepared to satisfy every customer that rests in their facility. The Muskogee Inn offers both smoking and non smoking rooms for their patrons and they have suites as well as regular rooms. They do not skimp on the amenities either and offer microwaves and refrigerators in every room along with ironing boards, coffee makers, satellite television with HBO and free wireless internet connection.

Aside from the amazing casinos that the local area offers, the Muskogee Inn itself also has lodging Atmoresome additional perks to go with your clean and welcoming accommodations. The pool on site is absolutely phenomenal and the nearby pavilions offer a nice respite from the hot Alabama sun. After you and your party gets tired out playing in the water and soaking up the sun, you can use the casino free play that the hotel gives to all customers with each booking, at one of the casinos nearby. Though this is a lodging near casino areas, the folks at Muskogee Inn also understand that not everyone is traveling to or through Atmore for gambling. Keeping this in mind, the hotel also offers a business center where guests can use a computer with access to a fax machine, printer and copier. So whether it is business or play that brings you to or through Atmore, Alabama, the great staff at the Muskogee Inn are well prepared to make your stay an extremely positive experience.

The last really notable aspect of the Muskogee Inn is the fact that it is owned and operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians who are the only federally recognized tribe in Alabama. This group of Native Americans own and operate a number of local facilities throughout the area and employ a large number of local citizens. They pride themselves on being active and contributing members of the local community and this is great for you and your party as it will give you piece of mind in knowing that the money you are spending is going toward local issues and supporting the people of this community. So if you or anyone you know and love, expect to be in or around the Atmore, Alabama area in the near future, be sure to check out the Muskogee Inn.

Replacement windows and siding could cut your heating bill in half

If you are a homeowner you understand the importance of having quality windows.  Windows help to conserve energy and make your home more efficient.  They keep out the elements and provide you and your family with a view of the outside world while you maintain seated in the comfort of your own home.  However, windows do not last forever of course and at some point or another, you and your family are going to be in need of replacement windows.  Sure you could shop online and find the lowest price windows around and just go with that company, but this article is being written to suggest that there are a few other things that you and your family should consider before using your hard earned dollars to purchase replacement windows.

The first thing that you and your family should decide on before shopping around for a distributor and installer, is what type of windows you would like to have in your home.  There are a plethora of different options available on the market today including custom windows, vinyl windows, fiberglass windows and more.  Do a bit of research and decide which of these options work best for your family and decide upon the material you want for your windows, the number of panes, the size and the style.

Now that you and your family have decided on which type of windows you want in your home, you should then start scoping out a few companies that can not only offer that style fiberglass windowsand type of window, but that will also offer free window installation.  This article suggests that when choosing a window distributor, you should always go with one that offers window installation with the purchase of their windows.  Of course many of you reading this are probably fully capable of installing some windows on your house on your own, but today it is expected that a distributor should offer window installation as a free service when you purchase windows from them, and although you could do it yourself, why would you when they provide experienced professionals free of charge to do the work for you.

Finally, one of the most important things you should do when choosing the replacement window retailer to do the work on your home, is to read reviews.  Call a few companies and ask them for a list of references.  They should be more than willing to provide a list of former clients for you.  Go ahead and call those people and ask them about their experience working with the window retailer.  This article suggests calling multiple references and asking questions about price, timeliness, professionalism and overall finished product.  Do not stop there though, after you have narrowed your search based on references feedback, get online and do a bit more research on your own.

If you and your family do these few simple steps before buying replacement windows, you are sure to be left with an overall better finished product.  You and your family will be fortunate enough to enjoy beautiful well made and professionally installed windows, for many years to come.

Dental implants will change your life

So you have had a pretty bad visit with the dentist recently…  You have been having trouble for months with the condition of your teeth and gums from poor hygiene in the past.  Just a few years of not flossing can lead to a whole world of pain and stress.  Unfortunately, you lost your dental coverage for a few years so you didn’t see a dentist and you were traveling and busy so you didn’t floss, and now you are here.  It’s not the end of the world for your teeth, so don’t give up all hope just yet.  But you do need to meet with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to talk about treatment options.  Don’t be nervous, just listen and understand that you can have a beautiful smile again that operates and isn’t so sensitive.  Here is how.

Some specialists claim that dental implants are the best invention for the dental practice since the discovery of fluoride.  We all know that fluoride has saved so many mouths from destruction so that’s a pretty big statement.  Dental implants are a bit scary to consider when you hear about all that is involved, but the end result will leave you happy and able to use your teeth like normal.  Implants are the answer to a lot of problems where teeth are lost, such as through gum disease, a failed root canal, facial trauma or an accident, or simple tooth decay.  Once a tooth gets to a certain point there isn’t much that will save it and it might have to be removed.  When there are multiple teeth that need to be extracted, a bridge might sometimes be put in to replace the holes with porcelain teeth.  Bridges, however, need to be replaced every so often and they can lead to further gum disease because food gets trapped in the pockets that sit up against the gum.  Flossing isn’t possible with bridges because the teeth are fused together on each side.  Many times dental implants would have been a better option than a bridge, but they can also seem more daunting because the procedure is most invasive and the cost is higher.  However, the end result is far better.

So what exactly is a dental implant and how can it help?  For each place in your mouth where a tooth had to be removed for one reason or another, an implant is placed into the jawbone.  This implant has a hole in it that allows for a porcelain tooth to be “screwed” into oral surgeonthe bone.  Basically you can have one or multiple teeth that are fashioned to look exactly like your natural teeth with matching color and size.  These teeth are screwed into the base that has been implanted into your jaw bone so that they replace the missing teeth and are secure.  The implants, the screws, and the teeth themselves are all extremely strong and durable and are meant to replicate your natural teeth exactly.  So you can eat and drink just like you used to, and also brush and floss just as you did with natural teeth.  They really are amazing when you see what they can do and how they replaced your former teeth that were not performing well at all.

This team of vascular doctors is here to help

I think eventually we all get them in some capacity.  I’m talking about spider and varicose veins, they are just not fun.  For the most part if you are just noticing some of those veins there probably isn’t any pain associated with them. Varicose veins are bulging and varicose vein treatmentbecome raised so they are pushing the skin up.  They primarily exist because of backed up blood in the vein.  Too much inactivity can create leaky valves in the veins.  These valves get tired and let a little bit of blood through which starts to pool in one area of the vein which then stretches a wall and creates a bulged out vein.  At first these varicose veins are harmless other than not being very pretty, but after a while they can worsen and do some damage to the rest of your body via blood clots.  Clots are definitely nothing to mess around.  If they move too quickly in the blood or get sucked into the lungs they can cause pulmonary embolism, which is potentially fatal.  So needless to say, the minute that you see some changes in your legs that could mean clots, see your doctor right away.

What you should do as soon as you notice these types of veins in your legs is call the Houston Texas endovascular clinic.  Treatments for varicose veins have come a long way and the specialists at this clinic are here to help with the latest in advances in this area.  For varicose veins alone there are about six different types of treatment plans you can decide on.  Especially if you are having any pain associated with these veins, you should get scheduled sooner rather than later to see what exactly is causing it.  Similar to varicose veins, spider veins can show up in legs that aren’t moving as much as they should.  Spider veins are those smaller dark purple veins on the legs that can show up with varicose veins or on their own.  These are a bit less severe than varicose veins and usually don’t cause any pain at all.  Some patients have reported in the past that their spider veins caused a burning or warming sensation on the surface, but that was the extent of it.  No matter what the ailment is with your legs, you can bring in your questions to the staff at Texas endovascular and they will collaborate to find an answer and a treatment plan.  They have three separate locations in and around the Houston area to make getting there convenient for everyone.  Their specialities span across all kinds of venous conditions involving the legs.  Some can be more serious and require surgery, but the best team around is there to handle that as well.  So if you were turned away from doctors in the past about your veins come back in to Texas Endovascular and try again with the newer generation of doctors who have more exposure to newer treatments and options.  Don’t just accept that you’ll get spider or varicose veins with age, do something about it!

The increased effectiveness of water soluble CBD hemp extract oil does wonders

There is a difference between the various CBD products that you see online due to one water soluble CBD hemp extractmain reason – water.  There are a million different types of CBD supplements and oils that are supposed to heal and rejuvenate.  The amazing properties surrounding CBD hemp extract oil can’t be argued.  If you “Google” the oil and its properties you will find thousands of stories about how people found relief with these products.  The effectiveness of the product, however, varies widely depending on the company.  Standard oil products are just that – oil – and we all know that oil and water don’t mix.  Our bodies are largely made up of water and most of the happenings on the inside are possible because of solubility, osmosis, and the like.  The barriers within our bodies are much more fluid at the cellular level because water is the base.  But with an oil being introduced into a body system, it will just get carried around in the blood stream without interacting with anything else.  Oil cannot penetrate walls or interact with there elements and thus cannot affect what it needs to as effectively as it could.

BioCBD plus has developed a CBD oil product that is completely water soluble.  This changes the whole game because the effectiveness of the product goes through the roof. The ability to interact with body systems due to its solubility is referred to as bioavailability. The more bioavailable a supplement is, the more effective it can be and vice versa.  Water soluble CBD hemp extract was specially developed by BioCBD to interact with your body in the best possible way.  This also makes their products exist high above the competition.  To see for yourself, BioCBD plus offers free and unconditional 30-day “feel the difference” money-back guarantee.  Those 30 days should be spent experimenting with the benefits of the hemp oil and to see the positive results.  You will pretty quickly see and feel the benefits of this water soluble product because it has so much more bioavailability.

As we have seen with medical marijuana, many people are skeptical of the benefits of the drug because they associated the word “drug” as only a bad thing.  We know now that marijuana has quite a number of healing elements and helps individuals with depression, insomnia, chronic pain, epilepsy, arthritis, glaucoma, and many other conditions where conventional medications don’t work forever.  BioCBD plus extracts CBD from their special-variety hemp that was bred to contain very high concentrations of CBD.  This oil comes out easily with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD so you get all of the good with none of the psychoactive part.  Plus this oil holds the full spectrum of other beneficial cannabinoids that work within the body to make CBD more effective.  So with the right concentrations and now with added water solubility, BioCBD plus is the most effective and natural element out there today to treat your many ailments.  You will be amazed at how it can make you feel!

Hardwood floor installation could give your home a completely different feel

Hardwood flooring can absolutely make a drastic difference in your home in terms of it feeling warm, welcoming and inviting. A lot of people are going in this direction with the interiors of their homes. Perhaps it is because they saw a beautiful hardwood floor on some home improvement show or at a friend’s home. Maybe people are starting to realize that sweeping a hardwood floor is a little easier than vacuuming carpet and much better hardwood floor installationfor spills. Whatever the reason, people are flocking toward hardwood flooring and this is usually not a job that your everyday homeowner wants to take on on their own. In this case, you and your family will likely want to hire a professional team to come in and perform the hardwood repair or hardwood installation work in you house. If you are fortunate enough to be one of the individuals who lives in beautiful Colorado and is in or around the city of Englewood, this article has the perfect recommendation for you.
American Hardwood Flooring Company has been family owned and operated by a wonderful woodworking craftsman family since before 1996. These professionals really know what they are doing when it comes to hardwood installation and hardwood repairs. In fact, these two things are what the company has specialized in since it was founded. You will be sure to receive professional quality work from trained and experienced staff and you will be left with the beautiful hardwood floor that you have always dreamed of. The staff at American Hardwood Flooring Company is not only capable of doing the hardwood repair or hardwood installation work that your family is looking for, but they actually seem happy in their jobs and willing to go the extra mile to meet the individual needs of each of their clients.

The American Hardwood Flooring Company will arrive at your home on time, work through the day every day that they are scheduled to do so, and will finish your hardwood repair project in a timely manner. The individuals that show up at your home will be respectful of your privacy and your property. They will stay true to the original quote they gave you when you first met with the company and they are flexible enough to meet the scheduling demands of even the busiest family. Do not just take the word of one online article though, you and your family are about to shell out some serious cash for what you hope to be some very high quality work. In this situation the responsibility falls on you all to do your research and assure that you are hiring the best company for your hardwood repair or hardwood installation project. This author is positive that if you and your family take a little bit of time to do some only review reading, call a few references and ask around and perhaps meet with the professional staff at American Hardwood Flooring Company a few times, you are sure to find that this is the company for you.

Be present and participate in your potential new home inspection

If you’re not having a nationally certified master home inspector look at your potential new home, you might have some regrets.  The home inspection is arguably the most important part of the home sale process.  If the home has been in the possession of one person or family for many years, there may be some problems that they are unaware of.  A fresh home inspection is the best and only way to make sure you know the exact condition of a property before you decide to buy it.  A comprehensive home inspection can guarantee that you have a good handle on the condition of the home and which problem areas need to be discussed immediately.

When you meet with a certified home inspector before the inspection takes place, make it a point to not voice any concerns until the end of the tour.  The inspector should notice a problem area right away and make an objective judgement on the state.  Your personal colorado home inspectionopinions on things that might be wrong could influence an objective inspection, so hold questions until the end and go back to review things if they are not brought up by the inspector.  Always be present during an inspection to make sure that it is thorough and accurate.  For instance, if your inspector just looks at the roof from the ground, the inspection is not as comprehensive as it should be.  Or, if the inspector doesn’t actually go into a crawl space but looks around from the entrance – he or she could be missing something vital.  After the inspection meeting, a full write up of the report will be sent to both you and the sellers of the house.  Make sure that everything you witnessed and discussed during the home tour are included.  Once you have that report, the negotiating begins again.

The importance or even the legality associated with a particular problem should also be included in the inspection report so that you know the urgency associated with each.  For instance, if a high level of radon was detected in a home but there is no mitigation system in place, this issue should be addressed right away.  For those that are still living in the home, they are putting themselves at risk and should get the radon taken care of right away.  At the same time, that is something that usually is agreed to be taken care of by the owners before the transition of ownership takes place.  A radon inspection is a big part of a home inspection and is always on the top of the discussion list.  Hiring a nationally certified home inspector is the best way to ensure that your potential new home will be in the best possible condition and that you won’t be taking on a whole host of expensive problems.  So walk with the inspector, don’t influence them, ask questions at the end, and review your entire report that you are the most informed that you can be.  Both you and the home seller will be grateful to know what the true condition of the home is.

Create and Obtain the Custom Fire Apparatus your department deserves

We see them everywhere – fire truck, police cruisers, ambulances, rescue vehicles.  These rigs are essential to a properly functioning city or township and they save lives.  But where do you get such custom vehicles?  Look no further than BME (Boise Mobile Equipment).  BME Fire and other equipment has been in business since 1990 and has evolved with the changing needs of their clients.  They are constantly updating and integrating their products to have the newest and latest technology.  The technicians at BME do their research on what each vehicle should have to get the job done, plus they do anything and everything custom to your needs.

Specifically when it comes to fire pumpers and rescuers, they do custom or commercial all the same.  Whether you need rope, chains, scene lighting, or storage, these rigs come custom to your needs.  The team at BME will take the time to review exactly what you will be using your new vehicle for and they will tailor it to have everything essential included, as well as some top not non-essentials too.  Any department’s fire truck apparatus may be different than the next because of the geography, atmosphere, culture, and people.  BME understands this needs to be different so they do not make it cost something outrageous to have a custom build.  When it comes to fire pumpers or rescue vehicles, each one is unique to the needs of the department and the rescue team.  They can build custom shelves to hold your gear, equipment, gauges, lighting, extraction tools, medical supplies, and more.  They can even built a custom K-9 chair and equipment panel.  Whatever your needs are to be the best department you can be, BME will deliver.

In addition to fire pumpers and rescue trucks, BME makes just about any vehicle you can fire truck manufacturerthing of used for a department.  They make tenders, ambulances, government transportation, command trucks, utility trucks, and wildland rescue trucks.  As mentioned, these can come in a custom model or an established commercial model.  Or, if you want to save some money you can go for a refurbished model rather than a brand new one.  Just like with their custom work, a refurnished vehicle can be updated with the best new features and will be clean and looking and feeling like new.  The technicians at BME have been fire truck manufacturers for so long that their skill is always on point.  It is hard to tell the difference between a refurnished truck and a new custom truck at times because they are both so flawless and ready to suit your needs.  Refurbished doesn’t mean old or unwanted, and it is a much better choice for the environment in the long run.

So if your department doesn’t have all the funds it would like, don’t automatically assume that you can’t have the best equipment for your team and your community.  When you visit with BME they will create something or refurbish something that meets all of your needs without bankrupting your station.  Give them a visit today.

What is the difference between Australian labradoodles and cobberdogs?

Both Australian cobberdogs and labradoodles are fan favorites among families and the elderly.  They are extremely similar, and some people actually have a hard time telling them apart.  These two dog breeds share so many traits because one was descended from the other.  However, they are in fact two distinct breeds as recognized by the Master Dog Breeders and Associates, and they have lots of other significant difference among them that are worth considering if you are looking to get one.

Australian cobberdogs are the newer breed, only being recognized as an independent breed in 2012.  They definitely have many roots within Australian labradoodles but they have been further refined and developed with specific traits in mind.  The selections for cobberdog breederbreeding cobberdog puppies were based on traits of health, temperament, and service.    Firstly, cobberdogs are especially intuitive and sensitive to their humans, so they are great to train for service positions.  This also works well for them because they are easily trained and enjoy having jobs that challenge them mentally each day.  Their temperament is also very suited for service and for families because they are gentle, calm, and sociable with other dogs.  Finally, they have been bred for a non-shedding and non-allergenic fleece coat.  Australian labradoodles are a blend of the standard poodle and the Labrador retriever.  Although they have been an established breed for a few decades, they still don’t always stick to their acknowledged traits because they are a split blend.  Some labradoodle puppies will be very much like their labrador parents – slow to mature, shedding like crazy, but sweet and eager to please.  Others in the same litter could be much more like their poodle parents, which is more quiet and reserved.  Poodles are smart and also have a coat that needs to be brushed and trimmed often.  Labradoodles may not be exactly like one parent or another, but you can often tell which one they take after more.

Some breeders claim that the Australian cobberdog is the final product of years of experimenting with the labradoodle.  Others say that it turned into its own breed due to specifications that only certain people worked on.  No matter which way you look at it, the similarities just in looks alone are quite striking.  Both breeds are great with families, are generally easy to train and eager to please.  They both have the capability of having an hypoallergenic coat that is either non-shedding or low shedding.  They also both grow to generally the same size and shape and live typically 12-14 years.  For these reasons, both cobberdogs and labradoodles are excellent choices for families with children and that are active.  They also both remain great choices for service dogs because they thrive on mental challenges and only want to be close to their families, right in the action of everyday life.  Given this information, would you now be able to tell the difference between the classic Australian labradoodle and the now-more-popular Australian cobberdog?  If you can, you are one step ahead of the general population.


A Thorough Carpet Cleaning Will Make Your Home Look Great

carpet cleaning

If you’re looking to spruce up the look of your home, what do you normally go to first when you start cleaning and redecorating? Some people go straight for the home redecoration technique, which can be one of the more time consuming and more costly ways of going about making your house have a brand new and fresh look. Other people make it a point to change up a few of their home accessories, by adding new kinds of shades or curtains to their windows throughout their home, which can be reasonable, but still fairly time consuming. What most people don’t think about, however, is that they can make their homes look bright and vibrant whenever they want to by using one simple method! Many people don’t realize that a simple carpet cleaning can make your home look like it is brand new, and it can certainly lighten up any room. While there are many kinds of carpet cleaning techniques, the most effective and simple technique is going to be that of using Chem Dry.

You see, Chem Dry varies a little bit differently from other kinds of traditional carpet cleaning techniques. First, it doesn’t use as much water as other methods, which can make for a far more effective clean. Since there is less water used, the ends of the carpeting fibers won’t attract as much extra dirt and dust that is already lingering in your home. If the carpeting was wet, it would effectively trap in additional dirt, even though it was initially cleaned. With Chem Dry, however, the lack of water on the ends on the fibers will keep any unwanted dirt out of your carpet, and it will certainly show when the cleaning is completed. The fact that the Chem Dry keeps more dirt and dust away from your carpeting makes your home look next to brand new, as this kind of cleaning will either let the brightness of your white carpeting shine, or if you have colored carpeting, the vibrant colors will be much more vivid and attractive to the eye, giving your home that brand new feeling all over again!

After a thorough Chem Dry cleaning, you’ll soon see the benefits of having a clean and pristine carpet in your home. First, as covered before, you’ll find that it will make each and every room look next to brand new, and it will give your carpeting a brand new life. This will also be an effective cleaning technique so far as multiple cleanings are concerned, because you won’t have to keep spending money on repeated stain removals and cleanings. In addition to this, a freshly cleaned carpet from Orange Coast ChemDry (or any other local chem dry cleaning company) will give your home a much better resell value, as a freshly cleaned and crisp carpet will be far more attractive to potential buyers. With any reason, you’ll find that having a carpet cleaning with a Chem Dry will be one of the best ways to improve the look of your home, and that both your family and visitors will be very pleased with the results!

Virus Awareness Helps Save Lives

flu awareness

Imagine what it would be like to live almost one hundred years ago.  What kind of daily conveniences would you miss out on?  Would you be a little bit sad that you couldn’t go to your favorite coffee shop to pick up an extra large mocha each morning on the way to work?  Perhaps you would simply miss the benefit of having a car with a fully covered interior!  If you were needing a quick trip to the grocery store, you might have to find yourself walking to and from the local market, instead of simply making a quick drive to pick up a few items you need.  Or greatest of all, you might miss out on near instant communication and the benefits of the internet.  If anything, you might not even be around for as long as possible, as advancements in the health field weren’t quite as advanced as they are today!  Certainly, disease awareness was still active nearly one hundred years ago, but the rate and speed at which news and communication traveled was nothing compared to the speed and clear lines of delivery like that of today’s.  If anything, we have come a great distance and made lots of progression when it comes to being aware about illnesses in the world, and the good folks at HealthMap have formulated a quick and accurate disease surveillance map that makes it seem like we are living in the future, today!


You see, the people at HealthMap have made a system that takes all of the health news sources of today and aggregate them into one easy to read and visible map.  Not only are all of these sources from trusted news articles and reports from around the globe, but they are also using research and data from other trusted global sources.  Once they have received all of this information through their automated system, the programming at HealthMap kicks into full gear, as it cross references the current data with previous interactions and outbreaks of diseases in specific locations.  Once all of the behind the scenes work is done so far as compiling results, the information is presented on a clear and easy to read map.  If you’re looking for a specific ailment in the world, you can filter it down by location.  For example, if you’re trying to find the amount of people with a case of the mumps in Phoenix, Arizona, you can make a simple filter of your results on HealthMap to find out!
In addition to finding out information and location of certain diseases in the world, you can also use a simple flu surveillance map to seek out local flu outbreaks in your area.  This just goes to show that this specific tool can be used both on a global scale, as well as a local one, so you can be more informed about your community.  Just imagine, almost one hundred years ago, something like HealthMap wouldn’t be around for such ease of use, and that there would be far less ways to prepare for or be informed about the various illnesses in the world!

Let Jemsu Take Care of Your Attorney Website Design

lawyer marketing

As time marches on, we all see that there are plenty of new and exciting jobs that open up with regards to the new and developing technologies we see on a daily basis.  A few years ago, the job position known as a  “social media manager” would not many any sense to those involved in any sort of business, but we now see that there are so many large and successful companies that have this position, if only because social media integration is one of the hottest and most reliable sources of marketing and customer relations.  Just imagine what kind of new jobs and positions can open up in the future, based on our how technology is progressing!  For now, though, we have to focus on the present as well to figure out where we can take our knowledge and growth into the future.  A great deal of this can come from the latest advances in advertising and marketing, and most notably from the universal language of website design.  Fortunately, there are plenty of groups out there to help you with your attorney website design, such as the Law Marketing Gurus at Jemsu.  They recognize that even law firms are going to need a state of the art online presence, and their web design teams know exactly how to integrate this kind of established business practice and combine it with trends that lean themselves toward the future!


For example, many people are starting to access the internet from their mobile devices instead of their home computers or laptops.  With this in mind, each and every potential client is going to be even more “on the go” when it comes to spending time looking at websites.  For example, most consumers and potential clients won’t spend more than 7 seconds on a website unless they see something within that time that interests or intrigues them.  Thinking about that, a strong web design needs to be at the forefront of your website, and it needs to include a great amount of information all while being simple and clean in its presentation.  Fortunately, Jemsu is able to provide your website with all of that in addition to integrating a strong amount of lawyer marketing as well.  Both functionality and style come into play with Jemsu’s web design, so there should be no qualms about not getting enough attention when your website appears on the first page of a Google search result.


And this brings us to our next point, Law Firm SEO, or search engine optimization.  Not only will the Law Marketing Gurus build and polish a pristine website for your law firm, but they will also make sure that you will have your webpage turn up as one of the top results when people search for law firms online.  This is all done through search engine optimization, which combines a multitude of elements, such as keyword analytics and behind the scenes coding, all in order to work with and communicate with the big search engines such as Google and Yahoo.  With both the effective and powerful website design, and the inner workings of the law firm SEO, you’ll be sure to have a new influx of clients in no time flat!