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The Steps to Take When Met with a Public Relations Crisis

A crisis can befall any company or business no matter how big or small and can happen at any time. This can come in the form of a lawsuit filed by someone or the government whenever public safety is compromised or whenever a customer will give open negative feedback about a certain product or services. Whatever the case, crisis management is something that can be of help in these situations. However crisis management is no easy thing but once the crisis has been taken care of it can be assured that the team and company can share the satisfaction and relief.

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However, what will the team or company do if ever a crisis will affect the PR department of the business? Take note that it is the PR team that will be spearheading and taking care of crisis management but what if it is the one hit with a crises? Today, we are going to talk about the steps to take when hit with a public relations crisis.

  • Take a deep breath and be calm – When leading a crisis management team through a crisis, it is very important to stay calm to ensure that one is thinking clearly. As a team leader or anyone in the team for the matter, one should take a short pause and breath to get one mentally ready.
  • Get the team together and ready – When one’s thoughts are clear and you are ready to solve the problem, it is time to bring the crisis management team together. It is at this time that everyone should start coming up with the right plan and strategy to take on the crisis and do it fast.
  • Conduct an investigation – When working to solve a crisis, one cannot think about courses of action right away. Beforehand, it is important to investigate the problem and more importantly pit point the origin. This will help create a more effective solution to taking care of the crisis and making it a learning experience for the future.
  • Be a good listener – When it comes to crisis management, communication is very important. Communication is used when gathering information and relaying messages and acknowledging customers. This is also why it is important for one to be a good listener when working in crisis management to ensure one gets every important detail.
  • Make the right decisions – The process of a crisis management serves to help a company when it is in a tough situation. This means that the decisions made when trying to solve a crisis must take into account the entire company and how it is going to affect the corporation as a whole.
  • Relay the message and note the feedback – When the proper decisions have been made by the crisis management team, it is important to keep the customers updated to let them know that the company is doing all it can to solve the problem. Remember to take note of how customers react to it and improvise from there on to make the solution even better.

Turning My Home into the Embodiment of Hygge

Living in my apartment in downtown New York, I have started to feel things were lacking some life and a little too bland for my taste. Apparently minimalism isn’t quite my style so I really wanted to revamp the entire look in my humble abode but there wasn’t a particular kind of style that I found to satisfy myself. I did all the research I could to look into different styles. I kept looking into the internet until I stumbled onto something quite peculiar that piqued my interest. A Danish word that roughly translates to “creating comfort coziness”. A Hygge Life is the way that the Danes lived and it is probably the reason that they are known as the happiest people on this Earth.


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Now when I was doing research I set out to find a style that would suit me so that I may renew the look of my apartment not to find some sort of philosophy from another country. What I found was certainly something more that I had ever expected. Hygge is the lifestyle lived by the Danish and it truly is an amazing thing. The idea of hygge is the light and warmth that brings the Danes together as the skies grow dark and the days grow cold during the winter.

Since hygge is the idea of creating warmth in one’s life, it has become a form of decoration, a way to create warmth in the atmosphere of one’s home. With that, I was able to find what I was looking for so I did a look of looking into hygge decoration and found that the Hygge Life website offered everything that I wanted to have in my apartment.

What I loved about the hygge style of décor is that it helps me to create a really personal setting in my own home and also embody the beauty of outside nature and bring it into my apartment. I did see a few items that were made out of animals hides and fur but to my relief these were harvested from the leftovers of animals that were raised for food. I guess that really is making the most out of it. I found that their sheepskin rugs were really beautiful and would make a great addition to my living room.

In my room I wanted to have something that would provide some warmth and a feel of intimacy. I found that the candles suited that perfectly. First I got together ideas and plan out how I wanted the spaces in my apartment to look like. Once I had a plan, I went looked up for the items that I wanted.

It took me almost half a month to transform my home into the embodiment of hygge but once I was done I was pretty satisfied with how it looked. I invited a couple of my close friends over and they loved how my apartment looked. Even though my project was generally done, I slowly kept buying more products from Hygge Life to liven up my apartment even more.

Learning about Mandrel Bending and Ring Roll Bending in Pipe Fabrication

The process of pipe bending fabrication is something that is done in large factories that world with raw metal that turns it into pipe products. However, bending a pipe isn’t really confined to the walls of a large pipe bending factory as it can be done at home with simple pipe bending tools and a little calculation. However, bending a pipe isn’t as easy as you expect; it will take some getting used to in order to bend a pipe properly. Apart from doing some simple math, bending something metal will require a certain amount of force that you will want to be familiar with.

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It is important to understand that bending a pipe is not just about trying to form a piece of metal down into the right angle or shape. If you want to create a quality piece that has a clean bend and little deformation, you need to do the calculations properly as well as practice with the pipe bending tool beforehand. Something that you can do to practice and familiarize yourself with using the tool and bending a pipe is by using a test piece of piping before getting to bend the real thing.

Now today, we are going to talk about two different methods used in the pipe bending process and these are ring roll pipe bending and mandrel pipe bending.

First let’s take a look into the mandrel bending method. In this approach to pipe bending fabrication, it aims to reduce the amount of deformation on the pipe as it is being bend inside the bender resulting in a bent pipe that has little to no deformed areas. The reduction in pipe deformation is thanks to the supporting mandrel. The mandrel is a flexible support piece that goes into the pipe when the pipe goes into the pipe bending tool. This means that when the pipe bending tool is being bent the mandrel inside bends as well.

With the presence of the mandrel piece inside the pipe and the tool that makes tight contact on the pipes outer area, it can be made sure that there will be little or no deformities that will appear. This method of pipe bending is used for exhaust pipes, heat change pipes, intake pipes, etc.

Now let’s talk about the ring roll pipe bending method. This method of bending pipes is utilized when pipes that have a larger radius have to be bent. The ring roll pipe bending method makes use of three metal rolls which are attached to a single shaft. When the pipe is being fed through it is there three metal rolls that bend the pipe. Two metal rolls are at the bottom contact of the pipe while a single metal roll makes contact with the top area.

Primarily it is the top roll which exerts downward pressure that causes the pipe to bend. The ring roll pipe bending fabrication method is primarily used to create large pipe products particularly ones that have large radius pipes.

The Aesthetic Side to Buying Window Treatments

One of the most significant parts of any home are the windows. Any homeowner would want to make their home look good from the inside out. In the case of windows, one can make them look a lot better with the use of window treatments. However, making your interior look great requires making the right choices and if you don’t know how, you might end up with the wrong window treatments. Understand the buying window treatments to make your windows looks better can be tough.


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There are different factors that you will need to consider in order to get the window treatments that can offer the most aesthetic value to your windows and to your home. So that you can choose the best window treatments for your interior, you will need to consider things like the color, fabric, length, etc. It might seem overwhelming but if you know what you are looking for there is not much to worry about. Today, we are going to take a closer look into the aesthetic side to choosing window treatments and talk about the factors that you will need to consider.

1.) Choose a good color for your interior – The color of your window treatments can have one of the biggest impacts on the appearance of your room. It is important that you go for a color that can complement the current color scheme of the room. If you want your windows to really attract attention you can go for bold colors but if you are unsure, try going for a color similar but not exact to the color of the walls.

2.) Pick out a fabric (or material) for your window treatments – What your window treatments are made of can also have a big impact on the room’s appearance. Thicker fabrics have a more classic and vintage look and tend to be weighed down. Thin and light fabrics look more modern and their lightness allow them to blow with the wind. You can also go for window treatments that are made from metal, wood, plastic, etc.

3.) Think about the length of the window treatments – How long your window treatments are will affect the feel that it can bring to a room. When thinking about the proper length take a good look at your windows and think about how you want the window treatments to look like. It is common for designers to set up the bar of the window treatments six inches above the top window frame. Those who want a more dramatic look go for higher. Also think about whether you want the bottom to pool at the bottom or you want it to break before the floor.

4.) Consider between custom made or ready-made window treatments – When you have a good idea about the window treatments that you want, you can then decide between buying custom made window treatments or ones that are readily made at the store. Ready-made window treatments are cheaper but custom made ones are tailored to fit a lot better in your windows.

The Needs for Occupational Therapy for Mom

I don’t like responding to emails today but I have to. I have to force myself to think of the blessings I have, like having a job, a husband who cares for me and children who are good kids really. But it is hard to appreciate all that when I heard the news from my sister – Mom is sick, has been since she fainted and fell down the front steps of our home two weeks ago.

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She came to, but she had a concussion. It seems she is out of sorts, like disoriented about what is happening around her. Sue, my sister, brought her to the hospital, insisted on it in fact. This was after mom started to stumble and her speech slurred, three hours after the incident. By the time they got to the hospital, she was having trouble staying awake. It seemed that she had a stroke. The left side of her body is a bit limp and could hardly move.

Sue thought we should send her to the Colorado Neurological Institute, where they can give her the right medical attention. She will be undergoing occupational therapy and physical therapy to regain the use of the left side of her body. What hits me the most is that the stroke has rendered her immobile. For a person who loves the outdoors, it would be like a living prison for her.

I wish I could be there for her right now, but I am in another state and I have a family to take care of. Mom has been a single parent since I was twelve and Sue, ten. Our dad passed away in an accident at work and she had to find a job and be a single parent. In the 60s this was very difficult to do, but with some help from her brothers, she was able to raise us, send us to school and even keep the house.

I remember the day I left home to move to San Francisco. Although we were excited at the prospect of a new life, a new job in California, it was hard leaving mom. Sue lived in the next town with her family. Mom is a proud woman, fiercely independent and always brave to face life head on. I am positive that her neurotherapy sessions would be a success.

Now, it is unimaginable for me to think of how it must be hard for her. Sue has decided to stay with her all throughout her rehabilitation and will just have to commute to work every day. Her kids are in university so it’s just really her and Bill, her husband.

Sometimes I feel guilty at being away. Mom always reassured us that when it comes to choices, family should come first, always. I am aware that my decision is right, but it does not make it easy for me to be away from the woman who has always been there for us, whether I am three or forty-three. Parents never cease to be parents. And for that I am always grateful to mom, for teaching me how to be a good one.

Choosing Between a Data Hub or a Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are very essential to companies and business these days. It is inside the data warehouse where companies store all of their data. Being able to store data digitally has been a great innovation these days allowing for more efficiency and not having to worry about cabinets and files of papers. However, there are a number of companies that have started to shift away from using data warehouses. Does that mean that there is something much better than a data warehouse? Well yes, and that has seemed to come in the form of Data Hubs.

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Around the world, there are already many companies that have started migrating from data warehouses to data hubs. Basically, a data hub is a data repository containing all of the information of the company allowing them to access it. The approach of data hubs is to “ingest” and store all the data and convert it to the rawest form that is possible all without putting any restrictions on it.

Whenever someone needs certain information, the data hub simply runs the query and will navigate through all of the data being stored and convert it back into something much more easily usable by the person needing the data. In general, a good data hub is an area where someone can get data easily and in an easy to use format. The Data Hub automates the very grueling task of having to navigate through data and process it into something one can use making fetching data a lot more efficient.

In the case of data warehouses, data is being stored in a number of different sources in a static structure and the way data is being categorized is simply based on how that data was entered into the system in the first place without any converting. This type of approach to managing data in a company was good enough during the time when business intelligence was still in its early stages due to the fact that the analysis was mainly done on what was considered proprietary databases and everything was limited to things like dashboards and canned reports.

When using data warehouses there can be constraints such as the time of adding a column which can take up to eight weeks and the costs which can go as high as one million dollars! There is even a survey that has showed that users have lost trust in the data that is inside the data warehouse they are using. However, even with these constraints, data warehouses are still quite important to any company. But with so much change in the data, a lot of pressure can be put on the data warehouses which take a toll on budget and confidence of the people.

Thanks to the Data Hub, there is a leading solution for being able to properly manage all the data in the company. Just like a data warehouse, a data hub can store data but at the same time it can process all the data inside making it a lot more efficient to store and making accessing the data a lot easier.



The Different Kinds of Mines in Uranium Mining

Uranium is a radioactive element which can be found underground and has certain uses today. With the uses of the element of uranium, it has been harvested from the Earth through the process of uranium mining. Through uranium mining, uranium ore is being extracted from under the ground. This uranium ore is then put through processes like grinding and chemical treating so that the uranium can be separated from the other materials in the ore resulting in U3O8 which considered natural uranium and also known as “yellowcake” which is what is being sold in the market for uranium.

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The uranium mining industry has become quite big especially after the Second World War when the demand for the radioactive element went up significantly. Uranium has been desired not only in the military for nuclear weapons but also as a fuel inside nuclear power plants that helps generate power and electricity.

This has resulted in the increase of the mining of uranium around the world. In fact, the amount of uranium mined in 2015 was around sixty thousand tons. Most of this mined uranium came only from three countries, the leading produces, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Canada. For now, let’s take a look at the three different mining approaches in the mining of uranium.

1.) Open pit mining – In this approach of uranium mining, the overburden which covers the ore is removed through the process of drilling through the ground and using explosives to blast it away. The uranium ore is then blasted and excavated with loaders and the mined ores are carried on a dump truck. In order to limit radiation exposure, the miners stay in their enclosed cabins most of the time.

2.) Underground mining – Underground uranium mining is the approach taken if ever the uranium ore is too deep underground and cannot easily be accessed through open pit mining. In underground mining, the miners dig tunnels and shafts beneath the earth in order to get to the uranium ore and remove it. Although much less material is removed, underground mining also exposes miners to more radon gas.

3.) In-situ leaching – This mining approach is also called solution mining and actually just leaves the uranium ore where it is underground. In order to remove the uranium, the minerals are being dissolves and then pumped with a solution. This solution will rise to the surface bringing with it the dissolved minerals including the uranium.

4.) Heap leaching – During heap leaching, piles of mined ore are placed on the surface of the ground. These ore piles are then treated with chemicals like sulfuric acid in order to extract the element uranium from the ore and separate it from the other minerals. If ever the uranium has a lower concentration, miners may use acid that isn’t as harsh.

5.) Milling – This is the uranium mining approach used when the ore has a quite low concentration of uranium. During this process, the rocks are crushed into fine fragments which are then added with water and an alkaline solution or acid which separates the uranium.

How to Take Care of Those Dirty Window Shutters

People who have set up window Shutters at home know how great they are. Having window shutters set up allows you to add more aesthetic value to your home with its beautiful designs and variety of color and at the same time be able to benefit from it functionally through privacy and light control. Window shutters are quite a popular type of window treatment and you can find them in many homes today. With so many choices one might be overwhelmed but you are sure to find something that will fit your home.

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Shutters can look quite beautiful in your room when chosen and set up well but in order to maintain their beautiful look and make them last longer it is important to properly take care of them and do regular maintenance. Understand the window shutters can like magnets to dirt so it can be understood why one needs to clean them often. If dirt is allowed to buildup the shutters will start to look dull and its quality will degrade. If you want to do proper maintenance and care, here is what you can do to take care of those dirty window shutters.

1.) Dust the shutters – Dusting your window shutters is the simplest and easiest approach to maintaining their cleanliness. You can dust your shutters as often as needed especially once you notice that dust has started to settle on the shutters. If you don’t dust your shutters often the dust could go in deeper and be much harder to remove and clean out.

2.) Wipe them with a solution – After dusting their window Shutters, many homeowners also go through the extra effort of wiping them off with a solution. Wiping off your shutters with a soapy water solution is great for removing any dirt and grime that has really stuck onto the shutters which simple dusting just can get rid of. Avoid harsh chemicals lest damaging your shutters.

3.) Vacuum your shutters – Vacuuming your shutters is a viable solution once you have noticed that there is a considerable buildup of dust and dirt on the shutters. By making use of a vacuum you will also be able to do a deeper clean and really remove any dust and dirt that has stuck into the shutters and settled there.

4.) Spot clean them – If you have cloth or fabric shutters chances are you might get a stain on them. If this happens, don’t panic, but remember to act quickly. The best thing to do when dealing with stains on fabric is through spot cleaning. To do this, get a cloth and moist it with a soap solution and dab it on the area making sure not to rub or else the mess will get worse.

5.) Steam your shutters – Dirt that has really embedded itself into your shutters can be a challenge even with a vacuum. The best approach to this is by steaming your Shutters. The steam can loosen the stuck up dirt and it can even help remove any wrinkles in the fabric of your shutters.

Six Complications to Keep in Mind that may arise after Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is one of the popular surgical procedures to help treat patients who suffer from farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism all of which are refractive errors. Lasik Surgery is performed by eye surgeons who cut a corneal flap to access the underlying corneal tissue and use an excimer laser aimed at the tissue to reshape the cornea. The process of reshaping the cornea is known as ablation. Lasik eye surgery has proven to be effective with patients being quite satisfied with the results after undergoing the surgery.

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It is important to understand that because lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure there is of complications that may develop after undergoing the procedure. People who wish to undergo lasik eye surgery have to be evaluated by the eye surgeon before proceeding to make sure that there are no risk factors which can increase the chance of complications developing. You as a patient should know and understand what to expect to today we are going to talk about six complications which may arise after surgery that you need to keep in mind.

1.) Your vision may be over corrected or under corrected – There is a chance that after the surgery the patient’s vision may not be what he desired. When this happens the patient has to undergo an enhancement surgery which is the second lasik treatment to sharpen his vision to his desire.

2.) Glasses or contacts may still be needed after – If ever the enhancement Lasik Surgery really can’t give the patient his desired vision (in extreme cases) the patient will still end up wearing corrective lenses but the prescription will be lighter than before.

3.) The results will not last – Regression is something that occurs among patients who have undergone surgery. Although this is uncommon there is still a risk that the patient’s vision may become blurry again after time. After all, there are no guarantees in lasik eye surgery.

4.) Dry eye symptoms may become worse – Patients who suffer from dry eye and experience redness and swelling in their eyes should wait until the symptoms subside and the eyes heal from dry eye. This is because going through lasik eye surgery may cause the symptoms to become worse.

5.) You might start seeing aberrations – The appearance of visual aberrations is something that may occur among patients who go through lasik eye surgery. These visual aberrations include heightened light sensitivity, cloudy vision, and appearance of glare and halos as well as the fluctuation of one’s vision.

6.) You may lose your vision – In very rare cases a patient may lose his vision or have it become worse and can no longer be cured. There is nothing to worry though since the chance of this complication happening is very rare and hardly anyone has experienced losing their eyesight due to lasik eye surgery.

So those are the six complications that you should keep in mind. If you want quality service and want to be in good hands, consider the Houston Eye Center which offers the best facilities and have great surgeons.

What Makes Custom Cannabis Packaging Advantageous?

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis and marijuana in a few states in the country, the industry has experienced a boom. Some people have even gone to call this the “Green Rush” in reference to the Gold Rush way back in the mid-1800s only now it involves marijuana and cannabis thus calling it “Green”. Many businesses have seen this as an opportunity and start getting into the producing and selling of marijuana products. That however is no easy opportunity. The government has a lot of rules and regulations that must be followed in light of the high demand of weed.

Custom Cannabis Packaging

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One of the things that businesses involved in the marijuana trade must follow is to make sure that their products are properly packaged in high quality Cannabis Packaging. This high quality packaging must be made from strong high quality materials like glass and hard plastic and the way the products are packaged must be within the standards set by the state as well. For example, there are some states that only allow a certain amount per container. That amount will also vary depending on the size of the container but nonetheless, you will usually find that a few grams have to be packaged into something that can hold more than just its contents.

Simple packaging containers like small plastic vials or glass jars are usually the way to go when a dispensary sells their products. This approach is rather plain and although it is good enough for a regular customer, it doesn’t do well for a business that is trying to gain more customers. This is the reason why there are brands that invest money to have Custom Cannabis Packaging. What this allows for is for the business to have more control on how their packaging looks like being keen on how it is designed and presented on the shelves of dispensaries.

One would wonder why would a business spend more money into something that is most likely just going to end up in the trash. Well the answer to that is marketing. You see, packaging no matter what kind of product it contains, has the potential to be quite beneficial to the brand and the business itself. By being particular of how your product packaging looks, you are benefitting the business as to how your customers will see you based on the products that you are selling to them.

So how is this all done? Well the idea of custom cannabis packaging is to make the products looks a lot better on the shelves which in turn, help it stand out more compared to the other brands and products. This involves improving the design of the packaging by making use of the right colors, textures, and other things that can make the package look better. But sometimes, less is more, which is why you can find some brands that utilize Custom Cannabis Packaging that has a simple yet elegant design. This allows them to save on the production of the packaging but still be able to make their products look interesting.

A Guide on Rug Cleaning

Regular rug cleaning is something that should be done. If this is not followed, chances are the lifespan of the rug will shorten and it will look a lot dirtier and be unsightly. If you want to be able to maximize the lifespan of your rug, you should set a regular cleaning schedule for it. You can clear the rug yourself in your own home. Here you can learn the basics of cleaning your own rug and learn all about how to maintain the piece on a regular basis using your vacuum and some materials at home.

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Carpet Cleaning

Now the way to rug cleaning may be dependent on how big it is, how it is made and out of what materials. Basic care for large rugs is similar to that of wall-to-wall carpets.

The first basic thing you should take note of is to regularly vacuum your rugs especially if it is large. If the rug you have can be reversed, also vacuum the reverse side. Vacuuming rugs helps suck up all the dirt and grit that has built up on the rug which can damage it if left. Make sure you avoid vacuuming the rug’s fringe.

Now if you have a pet, you will have the problem of them shedding their hairs which get caught in the rug. You can remove these pet hairs with a stiff brush and brushing off all of it off the rug.

Now if you have a reversible rug, you will want to turn them annually. This is so that the wear of the rug will be evened out on both sides when people go over the rug or sunlight shines on the material. If these are continuous on one side, then the rug could last a lot shorter.

If the rug you are using is small, you can ditch the vacuum cleaner and simply beat the rug. Make sure you take it outside and wear and mask to protect yourself from the dust. Beating or shaking it vigorously is enough to all of the grit and dirt off of it.

Now let’s look into deep rug cleaning. Each rug has a label on it on how it should be cleaned. Some rugs should be dry-cleaned only while others can go through the laundry or spot cleaning.

If your rug can be washed in the laundry, throw it in the washing machine but remember that it should be set to delicate. Once your rugs are washed and still wet, they should be hanged on a clothes-drying rack. Don’t hang it over a clothesline as this will warp the rug’s natural shape.

An area rug should undergo deep cleaning at least annually. If you are just using a new cleaning product, test it on an unseen area of the rug first to see if it does not damage the color. When cleaning, make sure it is laid on a flat surface.

Rugs that are small to medium in size may undergo dry cleaning. Make sure you check the label if it calls for it.

Five Important Foods to Include in your Heart Healthy Diet

Heart disease and other heart complications is quite a big problem especially here in the United States. In fact, heart problems and heart disease are connected to majority of the deaths in the US annually. It is quite surprising but thanks to the availability of healthy heart supplements and constant research we have started to bring that rate down. However, the best way to avoid suffering from heart disease and experiencing heart complications is to start working on living a heart healthier lifestyle while you are still young.

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Living a heart healthy lifestyle means that you have to engage in more physical activity, control your stress and one of the most important, eat the right diet. Your heart healthy diet should contain food that can supply your body with the right nutrients and strengthen your heart. To help guide you we are going to go through five different foods that you should include in your heart healthy diet.

1.) Dark Chocolate – Chocolate lovers would love to hear that a study in 2012 has found a connection with the consumption of dark chocolate to a reduced risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack. In order for these effects to be experienced you must consume dark chocolate that is at least 60% cocoa and just the right amount of sugar.

2.) Salmon – Along with mackerel, sardines, and other fatty fish, salmon is a great source of omega 3 which helps strengthen the heart. You can also find omega 3 in heart supplements. By consuming these you will reduce the risk of getting problems with the heart’s strength like arrhythmia. In addition, it helps prevent plaque from building up inside your arteries.

3.) Citrus fruits – This includes oranges and grapefruits. These fruits contain flavonoids which have been connected to a reduced risk in experiencing an ischemic stroke due to blood clots. People who consumed grape fruits had the risk reduced by 19% compared to people who don’t. Consuming citrus fruits is also a great way to get some vitamin C which helps strengthen the body’s immune system.

4.) Blueberries – Blueberries and strawberries have been linked to reducing the risk of getting a heart attack. A study focused on people who consumed berries and have found that those who ate at least three servings of blueberries every week had a reduced risk of getting a heart attack compared to those who ate little to no berries every week.

5.) Oatmeal – Consuming oatmeal is very good for the heart due to the high fiber content. The fiber inside the oatmeal helps soak up any cholesterol in your digestive track before it can be absorbed into your body preventing the cholesterol from building up into plaque in your arteries. Oatmeal is also a great source of energy and is great to start your day with.

So remember when you are planning your heart healthy diet make sure to include these five important foods. And while you are at it, start taking some heart health supplements for extra nutrients that your heart needs.

How You should Price your Commercial Cleaning Services

Running your own commercial cleaning business can open up a lot of opportunities to gaining lots of income. Commercial cleaning services is has become quite an important business today for offices and companies looking to hire a business that can help maintain the cleanliness of their office spaces. If you plan to run a commercial cleaning service you will be able to earn lots of money passively whilst enjoying some freedom with the right employees.

It is true that running an office cleaning business can become lucrative. However, it is important to understand that success in this market comes down to how you price your commercial cleaning services. You don’t want to price your cleaning services too low or else you will miss out on potential income but you also don’t want to price too high preventing you from attracting any clients. Today we are going to talk about how you should price your commercial cleaning services to maximize income and be able to attract many customers.

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commercial cleaning

1.) You should set a standard price per square foot – You should also consider the cleaning processes that you will use in your services to determine an adequate price per square foot. It is common for cleaning services to charge around fifty cents per square foot during cleaning. During discussions with potential clients you can ask for the area in the space or you can just bring your own measuring tape on-site to take some measurements.

2.) Have an hourly rate – Another way to properly set a price for your commercial cleaning services is to have an hourly rate.  In order to properly determine how much your hourly rate would be, you may check out the site and make an estimation of the time it would take to clean the area. It is important that you take into account the carpeting and flooring, the desks and chairs, as well as the smooth surfaces like glass. Commercial cleaning services usually charge around twenty to twenty-five dollars hourly.

3.) Offer discounts on more frequent cleaning services – The more often a client will call you in for cleaning services, the less dirty the office will be as opposed to coming in only once a week for cleaning. Let’s say you charge clients seventy-five dollars for a once-a-week service. If ever they want a second cleaning in a week you may give a discount on the price considering the area wouldn’t be as messy.

4.) Include other add-on services during the bid – During the bidding for your cleaning services you may find that there are clients that will request for additional services outside the ones which you offer in your commercial cleaning service package. Considering your basic cleaning package already includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and taking out the trash, they might also request the cleaning of the baseboards, cleaning of the window blinds and even sanitizing the office phones. You will want to provide a price sheet for these additional services for them to be guided and not have to inquire further.

A Look into the Three Modes of Nonviolent Communication

The idea of nonviolent communication was developed by a man named Marshall Rosenberg way back in the 1960s. He wanted to use nonviolent communication as a means of promoting peaceful strategies and means wherein everybody will be able to attain their goal and achieve what is known as “universal human needs”. Rosenberg developed the idea of nonviolent communication or NVC because he wanted to create a way to spread peace in communication especially since there has been a lot of conflict in the world as a result of “miscommunication”.

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Rosenberg believed that all of us are able to show compassion. The reason why there has been so much conflict and violence is that although we share the same “universal human needs” our ways on achieving these needs are different and clash with one another. We think that the other is trying to put us down but in reality both of you are trying to achieve the same needs which is as we mentioned, a form of “miscommunication”. When we communicate, we make use of different aspects. However, when Rosenberg developed nonviolent communication, he wanted it to focus on three aspects of communication which is what we are going to look into.

1.) Self-empathy – When we self-empathize we go through a deep and compassionate connection with our inner being and what goes on inside of us. The great thing about self-empathy is that we become a lot more aware of ourselves. Through self empathy we begin to take notice of our thoughts as they are going on, we understand our own perception and how we judge things, we connect with our emotions, and most importantly, we are able to distinguish our needs and desires as a human being. In nonviolent communication you first have to be able to connect and communicate with yourself before you can with others.

2.) Showing empathy – With self empathy, you are made aware of your being and understand yourself a lot better. In this mode or aspect, you show empathy towards others. When you empathize with others you are able to understand them better. However, this understanding isn’t one of the mind where you use mental capacity or logic to get what they are trying to convey. Rather, you are able to understand the other person through your heart and you are able to see the beauty within them and understand what it is that makes their lives wonderful. In order to truly connect with a person, you do not use your mind, you use your heart.

3.) Honest self expression – With nonviolent communication, the root of conflict is removed but we are still able to effectively communicate through positive means to be able to achieve our “universal human needs”. In order for us to effectively communicate with one another we have to be able to express ourselves honestly which involves making requests. However, it is important to understand that “making a request” doesn’t involve any means of force. You are requesting for something and not demanding for it.

Factors to Consider in Choosing an Office Space

In order for a business or company to allow its employees to properly work and interact together during certain tasks and operations, they would need to have a good office space. A good office space will provide the right conditions and atmosphere for the employees to be able to work with ease during the work day. In essence, the office space can affect the way things will go during the day and can even influence the mood of your own employees which is why it is important that you are able to choose the right office space.

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But how will you know that you are choosing the right office space? Well in order to choose the office space that is best for you and your business, you will have to take into consideration factors about the office space itself like location or price. To help you choose your office space, we are going through the factors that you need to consider to make it easier for you to choose the right office space that will satisfy the needs of your business.

1.) Location of the space – One of the first things that you need to consider is where the office space is located. It is important that you choose a place that is not too far from the city. By choosing an office space that is nearby, you will provide convenience to your employees ensuring that they will not need to travel a far distance to reach the office allowing them to save more energy for the work day.

2.) Price of the space – Next you will need to think about the cost of renting the office space. Before you think about renting a space, it would be best to first set the budget. When you already have the budget set, you will have a basis for how much you can spend on the office space. When looking at potential spaces, you will want to make sure that you don’t go over budget.

3.) Size of the office space – Another thing to consider is the size of the office space you will choose. Take note that how big your office space is will determine how comfortable your employees are but take note the bigger offices are also more expensive. You may want to try asking your employees how much space they would want in their respective work areas so as to provide them some comfort in the office.

4.) Design and layout of the office space – It isn’t enough that you choose a large and spacious office space, if the office space is not designed and laid out properly, then you might not be able to maximize the space available. Rectangular offices allow you to use almost all of the space available. It is also important that you consider the design of the area, one that can help boost the mood of your employees.

With these factors in mind, you can have a guide in choosing an office space. By taking these into consideration, you can make sure that you pick the office space best for your business.

Seven Important Qualities of a Good Electrician

There are times when an electrical problem at home can go beyond our own basic skills. For the sake of safety and ensuring that the issue is solved properly, it would be best to call in a professional Electrician to work on the problem. However, finding a good electrician takes more effort than just going through a directory and looking for one that works in your area. You may just go with any electrician if your electrical problem isn’t that complicated, but with bigger issues, you are going to need to find a quality electrician.

So how are you going to know that you have found a good electrician to work on your issue at home? Well all reliable and quality electricians share a certain set of traits or qualities. To help you find the electrician that is best for you, we are going to share these seven qualities so that you may know what to look for in an electrician the next time you need one.


working electrician

1.) Has a license and certification – If you are looking for a reliable electrician, it is important that he must have a license and be certified by the state. If the electrician is working in an electric company, check to see the reputation of that company to see the quality of their workers.

2.) Has a good reputation in the community – A good electrician is sure to have a good reputation in the community and among his previous clients. You may want to do some background research on the electrician and ask for any referrals from people you know who have worked with Electricians before.

3.) Has gone through full training and has experience – One of the most important qualities an electrician has to have to be fully trained and has lots of experience in the field. You will want to choose an electrician who is experienced in working on the problem that you have at home.

4.) Has honesty and talks about concerns properly – When an electrician is making an assessment of the problem you have you will want them to be honest about whatever they find. It is also important for the electrician to be able to bring up any concerns to you properly so that you will know what is going on in the problem.

5.) Is available right when you need him – When choosing an electrician, you will want someone who can come to your home and take a look at the problem immediately. There are some electricians who have a full schedule and may not be able to entertain your concerns when needed.

6.) Makes safety a priority – When it comes to working with electrical complications, safety is something that must be prioritized in order to avoid accidents and a possible electrical fire. You will want an Electrician who always makes sure to make everything safe especially for you, the client.

7.) Makes use of updated technology – In order to make sure that the problem is fully assessed and treated properly, it is best to choose an electrician who makes use of recent tools and equipment in his arsenal.

Answering the Usual Concerns about Dental Implants

A lot of the patients in the dental industry have a lot of concerns and questions regarding the many treatment methods that dentists perform to help with a variety of dental problems. One of the treatments that have a number of concerns surrounding it is Dental Implants that are used to help patients that are missing some teeth. The structure of a dental implant is made from a strong metal like titanium and once attached to the jawbone of the patient, it will become a strong and stable base for attaching a new artificial replacement tooth.

Dental Implants


With so many concerns and questions surrounding dental implants, we can’t possibly tend to them all. For now, we are going to discuss the usual or common concerns that people have about dental implants so as to give you a better understanding about this form of tooth replacement. You now have an idea about what a dental implant is so let’s move on to other usual concerns.

1.) Are dental implants safe to have? – One of the primary concerns patients have with just any dental procedure is the safety of getting that procedure done and the future of the surgery. It is relieving to know that dentists and oral surgeons always make sure to keep their patients safe as they are performing surgery and prevent any future complications. The great thing about dental implants is that they are deemed as a very safe treatment in the industry and can even keep your jawbone and other teeth healthy.

2.) Do dental implants have a long lifespan? – Dental Implants are designed to attach onto the patient’s jawbone and fuse into the bone which creates a highly stable structure. In addition, the metal implant is made from titanium. Because of that, dental implants can last quite a long time. With proper care and maintenance, the implant itself may even last a lifetime and still remain even when other teeth have fallen off due to aging.

3.) How long is the treatment period of dental implants – The overall treatment of getting a dental implant doesn’t only include the surgery, the patient will also have to wait a certain period for the metal implant to fuse into the bone and allow the area to heal. The duration of the surgery will take around an hour or so which doesn’t yet include the attachment of the artificial tooth. Depending on the decision of the surgeon, your implant will heal over a certain period and you may be given some painkillers. Once healed, you will have to have your artificial tooth made and then attached.

4.) Does it hurt to get a dental implant – When you go through surgery for getting a Dental Implant you will be given anesthetic and some patients opt to be sedated throughout the procedure. Because of this, you really don’t have to worry about experiencing a lot of pain during the procedure. However, the patient may experience some discomfort following the surgery throughout the healing process. To counter this, one may take some over the counter painkillers.

The Six Common Dental Treatments and Procedures

Many people still seem to be intimidated with going to see the dentist let alone undergo Oral Surgery to treat a certain dental problem. People are usually not that comfortable with getting their teeth checked for fear of knowing about the condition their gums and teeth are in. However, it is important that we know about the health of our gums and teeth in order for us to take the right action to counter some complications and maintain our oral health.

I believe that the negative feeling and anxiety that one experiences when going to the dentist can be made positive when one is more informed about the dental procedures that are performed to help treat some common dental problems and maintain oral health which is why today we are going to go through the six most common procedures that dentists use to keep their clients’ teeth healthy.

Oral Surgeon

dental implant tooth

1.) Tooth filling and repair – Over time, teeth can undergo decay and even be affected with cavity or become damaged as result of injury. The objective of this type of dental procedure is to restore the tooth back to its original state. First the dentist must take x-rays to properly examine the tooth and then use some resin to fill in the damage.

2.) Root Canal – In this dental procedure the Oral Surgeon aims to remove the infected pulp inside the tooth and filling it in so that the tooth will not need to be entirely removed and becomes free of infection. Any infected pulp should never be left untreated as this can lead to infection of the gums and even the bone.

3.) Dental caps or crowns – Crowns or caps are dental devices that can help protect a tooth that has undergone cracking or damage. The dental crown is attached and covers the entire tooth until the gum line. Crowns or caps are made from strong materials like porcelain or metal to give it lots of durability.

4.) Implants and bridges – Dental bridges and Dental Implants are two ways that a dentist can use to help replace the person’s missing tooth or some missing teeth. Dental bridges are for multiple teeth and are removable while implants are better suited for a single tooth and are attached to the mouth permanently.

5.) Tooth extractions – This dental procedure involves the removal of the tooth entirely. When a tooth have sustained a lot of trauma and damage or has a serve case of decay and infection then the best thing to do would be to remove the tooth so that it would not affect the surrounding teeth and gums. This is the option dentists go for when crowns, fillings, and other repair treatments won’t cut it.

6.) Teeth whitening – Lastly, this dental procedure is more focused on cosmetic reasons. As our teeth age over time, they will be susceptible to discoloration and becoming stained as a result of eating certain food. People who are not comfortable with this can opt to get their teeth whitened making the teeth whiter again and looking great.

Organizing Kids Classes among Other Activities

Kids these days. They totally have a world of their own. And play time is so much different from my time. Oh well, maybe my mother felt the same way when I was little. How they did things differently in their time. Right now I am plotting kids classes, kids parties (mine and their playmates) and family time on a calendar that does not have enough days or hours in each of it.

mommy and me classes

birthday party

I have three kids, but there might as well be a dozen of them because juggling their schedule is like a major sporting event. What with hockey practice, dance, and play dates, kids classes plus school. My husband, like me, is an aircraft mechanic, so we work shifts. Plus he is preparing for a marathon, while I am organizing all the family activities, mine and my parents. Life is full, complicated, fun, and exhausting!

Liam, my second child is having a birthday and it falls during the holidays when aircraft maintenance schedule is unforgiving. Birthday parties for kids is a challenge – always. Well, for me it is. I want to make sure the food is healthy and delicious, or else no one would eat it. The last thing I need is for them to start throwing them at each other in a food fight. Did I say I have three boys? Yessss, multiply the exhaustion three hundred fold.

I have a good mind to just scrap it – that, or get the experts like PlayHooray to take care of it. Another mom recommended them, because it’s like buying peace of mind and trading in the stress of doing everything by myself. And I just might do that.

Now, I have to make calls to parents of the kids who are invited (everybody!) and ask for anything I should take note of, like allergies whether it’s caused by food, rubber, metal, pets, and maybe even people. I was thinking of getting an animal petting theme, maybe that will get the kids to sit down. But then again, they’re boys, they’ll probably make me wear one of the Pythons around my neck while serving them chips and pizza.

My son’s childhood playmate has slight autism, and even though they are so different, Liam has not changed the way he deals with Dylan. I’m a firm believer in teaching kids about the world right within their homes. Dylan’s family never fails to thank us for letting our son be the friend that he is to theirs. If you ask me, Liam has so much to gain from knowing Dylan, who is such a sweet boy despite the rest of the world having difficulty understanding him.

I take note of these things, and hopefully my kids will learn a thing or two about how to be better persons when they grow up. But right now, I just have to struggle with all the hockey gear that’s blocking the doorway to the bathroom. And I know beyond that door, would be another challenge for me – to stop myself from yelling their names after I see the mess they left.

Yup. That is the story of my life. It doesn’t get better than this I heard. Or….

Ten Things You Need to Know about Exterior Painting

One of the first things that people notice about a house is its exterior painting. Although the actual color of the house is quite a noticeable factor, there are other things that can affect how the exterior painting will really look like. The time may come when you will need to work on the exterior painting of your house and you will want to be well equipped to handle the job and make sure things look great once finished. To help you out, here are ten things you need to know about working on your home’s exterior painting.

paint contractor

roof painting

1.) Always consider the weather – Since you are working on the painting on the outside of your house, you and the paint are left vulnerable to Mother Nature. That is why before you work on the project, you need to check on the weather.

2.) Quality trumps low pricing – You will want to choose paint that has a high quality over one that has cheap pricing. This is because high quality paint fades slower meaning you will not have to do paint work as often. In reality, you can more on quality paint in the long run.

3.) Do sanding and washing – The paint will not stick properly to surfaces that are rough or dirty that is why you should do proper sanding and washing work to make sure the area is smooth and clean enough.

4.) Rotten siding is a poor surface to paint on – If your house has siding that has already started to rot you will want to replace it before working on exterior painting. The wood will only deteriorate badly affecting the quality of the paint.

5.) Primer is a must – If you are not using an all-in-one paint mix with primer, you should buy some to make sure the coats of paint will stick to your outside walls properly.

6.) Combine the paint – When you combine all the cans of paint at once, you will ensure that the color is uniform and you will not encounter any color inconsistency once it is painted onto the exterior of your home.

7.) Work your way from top to bottom – By painting your home’s exterior from the top down to the bottom, you will be able to control drips and streaks. This is because instead of working with gravity, you are working with it and you can easily work on drip streaks as you go down.

8.) Make sure cans are sealed – Once you are done with the exterior painting work, you will want to make sure that the paint cans are properly sealed off in order to keep them from drying out.

9.) Add traction to the porches – Paint once applied can be quite smooth and you do not want that to be the case in your porch especially on the steps. To help counter the slickness, you can add fine sand or buy additives offered by paint manufacturers to create friction.

10.) Prepare the surrounding area – Obviously paint projects can get quite messy in the process. To make sure that the lawn and other areas are safe, you will want to cover them up with cloth or tarp.

Learning About the Basics of Dental Implants

The basic structure of a Dental Implant is a titanium post or frame that acts as a support structure for the replacement tooth that is to be attached on top of it. This structure is to be surgically attached to the bone of the person under the gums where the replacement tooth is to be placed. As mentioned, the main reason people get dental implants is to get a tooth they have lost replaced be it through damages to the previous tooth, oral problems that caused the tooth to deteriorate, or other factors that could lead to the losing of one’s tooth.

Oral Surgeon

dental implants

Today, there are two types of dental implants that are being recognized and deemed to be a safe option by the ADA or American Dental Association. . These two types of dental implants that can be used to replace the missing teeth of a person are:

  1. Endosteal implants – This kind of dental implant is the common one of the two. It is called an Endosteal implant because that term refers to how the implants is surgically attached and fused onto the jawbone. This process requires the use of screws and cylinders to be able to keep the metal post in the bone as it heals and fuses into each other.
  2. Subperiosteal implants – This kind of Dental Implant is not attached into the bone but simply on top of it which is why it is called a subperiosteal implant. Instead of the bone acting as support, it is the gums that grow over the metal frame during the healing process. The metal post is added onto the frame once the area has healed.

Dental implants really are a good option for people who want to replace any missing teeth and fill in the empty spaces in their mouth. But before one can get some dental implants, you first need to be able to know if you are fit to get them as not all people who have missing teeth can get dental implants. So how will you know if you are fit to get dental implants or not? Well to have fully functioning implants, the person has to be free from gum disease and the bone underneath the area is still in good shape to be able to give proper support once the implant is attached.

The people responsible for fitting dental implants into the mouths of people are oral surgeons or periodontists. It is these people who have the right knowledge and skills to be able to properly attach the dental implants onto your bone and gums. Often time it will take more than one person working on the treatment from the surgical attachment of the structure to the fabricating of the replacement tooth that goes on top.

If you are fit to get treated with Dental Implants and you have the desire to get them, it is important to know that you also have to properly care for the implant and the replacement tooth just as you would care for your other teeth with proper oral hygiene.

Do You Need to Hire a Family Lawyer?

It isn’t uncommon for arguments or disagreements to erupt in the family. However, there are times when things might get tenser and the situation will get out of hand. It is in these tough and difficult situations where a family lawyer may be needed. A family lawyer is someone who has experience in Family Law and has the knowledge and skill to handle any legal problem within your family whether it is regarding unions, split ups, disputes, negotiations, or lawsuits.

 Criminal Defense Lawyer

family court

So what are the cases or situations where you really needed to have a family lawyer? Well these are the following common situations where a family lawyer is called to act: problems regarding civil unions and partnerships, marital issues, prenuptial agreements, the process of a divorce or separation, settling disputes about a property or asset, alimonies, cases of child or domestic abuse, fighting for custody of the child, kidnapping of children, and the process of adoption.

It is however important to understand that not all family lawyers have experienced in all of the mentioned cases of situations. Before you hire the family lawyer, it is important to ask him or her about his experience regarding your situation to determine whether or not he will be able to help you and satisfy your needs. Conducting an interview of the family lawyer and doing a background check is a great way to determine his knowledge regarding Family Law so that you are sure to get quality service.

So how much would it cost to hire a family lawyer? Well most family lawyers charge their clients at an hourly rate, however it situations where the lawyer is only needed for simple services like drafting needed documents, reviewing drafts, etc. the lawyer will charge fixed rates. Take note however that the rate of family lawyers will depend on the area you are living and how complex the case is. When interviewing potential family lawyers, make sure you properly discuss the rates so that you will not be caught off guard with the costs.

Due to how broad the practice of Family Law is, you can’t really know what to expect during the proceedings. What I can say that should the proceedings go well, you will be able to solve the issue within the family and rebuild the relationship between the family members.

No matter what happens during the problem, the family lawyer will be able to determine whether or not the case should be brought up in court which would also depend how complex or how bad the situation is. The great thing about having a family lawyer is that you will have someone to guide you along the way and explain everything that needs to be done from doing paperwork to filing a lawsuit.

If you hire a family lawyer to help you with writing some documents or reviewing some existing ones, he will make sure that there will we agreements that are legally binding and contain clear terms that you can understand easily. There is no guarantee that you will win a case at court with a family lawyer, but its best to have someone who can guide you along the way.

Searching for a Marijuana Delivery Service

The legalization of marijuana has been great to a lot of people especially those who need for medical purposes. With many marijuana dispensaries opening around the country people are now more able to acquire marijuana products. People who go to these dispensaries are met with a wide variety of marijuana products to choose ranging from cannabis oil to the different strains of buds that can be smoked.

However, there are people who are not comfortable of leaving their home to buy marijuana or really are incapable of heading out. To tend to this audience, Marijuana Delivery Services were developed to deliver the products to the clients.

Marijuana Delivery Service

marijuana delivery

There are different delivery services that cater to marijuana users, but before you start looking for a marijuana delivery service to order from, you have to first make sure that you have the needed requirements to purchase the product. If you are purchasing medical marijuana, you need to have your green card ready and depending on the regulations on your area, a note from your doctor allowing you to use medical marijuana.

If you are sure that you have the needed things to be able to legally buy marijuana, then you can begin searching for a marijuana dispensary service to buy from. So how are you going to search for a delivery service? Well it’s easy. All you need is a computer or your mobile phone connected to the internet then you can begin your search for a Marijuana Delivery Service to order from.

Starting your search is actually quite easy, all you have to do is input keywords like marijuana delivery into the search box and if you include your location or area, you will be able to narrow down the search results to places that are nearby. When you do some searching, you will be presented with some links leading to the websites of marijuana delivery services and dispensaries that offer delivery to their customers. Click on them and you can see the strains and marijuana products that they are offering.

You can also find websites that allow you to create an account. This will allow you to be up to date with the delivery service or the dispensary and help you keep an eye on any discounts and promos being offered by the store or service.

If you are tired going through different links and hopping from website to website, you can find apps that you can download in your phone which allows you to locate and contact dispensaries and Marijuana Delivery Services in the nearby area. This makes things a lot easier with you being able to find a service all within reach of your pocket.

In choosing a marijuana delivery service, make sure you go for one that has good reviews among its customers. A good marijuana delivery service is one that takes utmost care of the product it is delivering making sure that it arrives to the customer intact. If are unsatisfied with the service of one, you can always go back to the app or the internet and search for other delivery services.

Home Automation in our Household and Residences

Technology has come a long way and manufacturers keep making products that help make our daily living a little bit more convenient. With this comes the rise of home automation, a system that is integrated into our residential homes allowing it to connect with the several other systems in the building like the lighting, security, and temperature. Basically it acts like a network inside your home that helps connect everything from your appliances to your other devices provided that they are compatible with each other allowing them to be controlled from a single point.

Home Audio Systems

home network

By making use of a home automation system in your household, you can enjoy some convenience provided by the fact that you won’t have to manually operate the devices that are connected into the system. In addition to having some convenience, you can also expect your energy bills to go down since home automation systems are designed to be energy efficient. When the home automation system connects your lighting systems and the HVAC with sensors, the lights can turn off automatically once you leave a room or the house and the system will adjust the temperature to its optimum (which is pre-set by you through controls) whenever someone is around.

In addition to being energy efficient, your home automation system can also help increase the security you have at home. This also involves making use of an electronic security system that is compatible with your home automation system. Once your home automation system is connected with your security system (cameras and motion sensors) you can make use of your smart phone to monitor any activity inside your house since many home automation systems allow for you to make use of your own phone as a control and monitoring device. With this you can see an activity inside your house at real time thanks to the home automation system.

These days home automation has gotten more popular and the network systems are already being built into new homes today further increasing the home’s value. Although investing in a home automation for your home is a big decision, you can decide to start small and purchase “smart” gadgets and devices, just make sure that they are properly compatible with each other so that once you can incorporate everything into one system you won’t experience any problems.

When you are in the process of investing in home automation, don’t immediately go for everything you see. It is important to start with what you need things that when you automate can really make a difference in your life at home. Once you have a fully functioning home automation system, make sure you keep the software on it updated and keep in contact with the manufacturer or company the produced the product. This will allow you to make sure that your home automation system is up to date and can properly serve you.

So what is home automation in our homes? Well it is something that provides us with convenience and allow for an easier way of operating things at home with the added benefit of energy saving and improved safety.

Factors in Choosing an Office Space

Every day in the week, a lot of work goes on inside the office of a company or business. Then one would think how the office space that the company is in can affect how the operations go and how the conditions can affect employees. Now the office is not just a place where everyone sits down during the day to work. You should know that the right office space can really improve the way things go inside the office and even improve the mood of your own employees.

coworking space

office space for lease

However, when one is choosing a new office space, how do you take into account the proper conditions and considerations to make sure that you get the optimum space for your company? Well when you are having a hard time looking for an office with so many things to take note of which can make things confusing, we can help you.

  1. The most important or if not, one of the most important factors in office space is the location of the place. The most simple and easy thing you can do to help you with this is to ask yourself, “Are my employees and clients going to get here easily without encountering hassle?” Take note you don’t want your employees arriving tired to work or have clients coming into your office looking annoyed. The location of the office can also determine how secure the area is so take note of that as well.
  2. Next is the price of the office space. It is important that you have already set aside a right budget for the office space. Take into account the rent, utilities, and other potential expenses. Make sure that your budget is realistic. It is understandable that you don’t want to go spending too much, but make sure that you aren’t spending too little as well. Lack of investment will give you an office space that doesn’t have much to offer and may be dull.
  3. The third thing that you should take note of is how big the office space is. To know how much space you will need in the office space, take note of your employees. You may want to ask them about the size of space they want for each of their area. You can try to average that out and you will be able to calculate the needed office space. Remember that no one likes to be confined into small and close spaces so make sure the office isn’t a nightmare for claustrophobic people.
  4. The fourth and final factor in choosing office spaces is the most overlooked thing when people are looking for an office. This is the style of the office space that you are in. The previous things that we talked about are very important but when you think of it, the style of the office is actually one of the major factors that can boost the mood of your employees and also help operations go smoothly.

So when you are choosing office spaces, make sure you take note of these important factors.

Using Green Lighting Solutions in Commercial Buildings

Being energy efficient is one of the best ways to help go green and cut electricity expenses. Many companies and businesses today always look for ways on how they can lessen costs. Probably one of the best ways to do so is making use of better forms of lighting. By using the right light sources, we can save a lot of our energy bills. This may also appeal to being green and help market the company. However today, many people and companies make use of fluorescent bulbs. Most don’t have a clear understanding of using efficient lighting in their buildings, and most are wasting the opportunity to go green and save money. It is a good thing that today, many innovative lighting solutions are being developed and hopefully more companies will be able to see their true potential as being an efficient source of light.

LED Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lights

Right now, the common light source being used in a number of industries are incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. Both of these waste a lot of energy as opposed to the more modern and efficient light sources available on the market. You will find that fluorescent tubes are quite common in industrial or commercial buildings. These lights come in a number of different versions. Some more efficient than the other, but still, fluorescents still waste a great deal of energy. Many companies today are still holding on to fluorescent tubes. But even the most efficient fluorescent light which is the T5 cannot even compare to how energy efficient other modern lights are. Companies are even having problems trying to switch from one version of fluorescent lights to the other. This is because different versions make use of different ballasts where the light would plug into.

However, despite all this, there is another more efficient light in the market, something that seems to have slipped past the companies ideas of efficiency. Light emitting diodes or LED lights for shorts is one of the best lights that can be used in industrial or commercial buildings. An LED light only consumes 1/10 of the power a fluorescent light does. In addition to that, LED lights even last longer than fluorescent lights, far longer. But why aren’t companies investing in LED lights to help cut down costs? The number one suspected reason would be because that LED lights cost more than fluorescent lights and other lights. And companies don’t probably want to do all that rewiring to make way for a new light source. What the companies fail to see here is the long-term results. Although purchasing LED efficient lighting cost more and cost even more to rewire the system, over time this will be a great investment. Since LED lights last a lot longer, you won’t have to replace or maintain them as often as fluorescent lights. The life of one LED light is probably equal to ten fluorescent lights and for 1/10 the power consumption. This is what makes LED lights really great to use in industrial or commercial buildings. They can really save the company a lot.

Tips in Choosing LED Efficient Lighting for Industrial Places

Because of the low energy cost as well as their lifespan, many companies are looking to use LED lights in their industrial spaces particularly the warehouse and the logistics area. But right now, choosing LED lights for an industrial space can be quite overwhelming since there are so many choices out there in the market. We are also met with widely varying prices which can put us into further confusing about which of these lights really is the best one to use in our industrial spaces. If you are one of those people who are confused in making a choice, here are some tips for you to take note of when choosing industrial lighting.

 Lighting Solutions

LED lights

The first tip would be to know what color you are going to go with. Color is a very important consideration when it comes to choosing lighting for an industrial space. The quality of the light produced from the bulbs can be easily overlooked, but this should not be the case since the light quality will affect how the workers see the workplace and be able to notice the little details and prevent any strain of the eye.

The second tip is to make sure that all of your considerations are met with the lighting. Have a checklist ready which you can use to see if a certain bulb can meet all of the requirements. Make sure the all of the boxes are checked to make sure that the lights you are going with really fits the work area and will not lack in any aspect. This can include the brightness, energy consumption and a lot more.

The third tip would be to make sure that you get as much information you can from the supplier of the lights. Here you will find out all there is to know about the LED efficient lighting that you are choosing for the workplace. There are people who are still a bit confused about LED performance and the supplier will usual exploit that so make sure you get real and concrete information from them.

The fourth tip would be to avoid be dazzled by LED lights. There is a lot of hype surrounding LED lights and that alone can influence the buyer without him taking into consideration other very important details. Apart from that, the light itself can be glaring and have strong glare. If the area has large machinery, this will pose to be a hazard due to the glare given off which can affect the worker’s vision. Industrial LED lighting should take into consideration the workers and the use of the facility.

The last tip would be to take a look at all of the energy saving options you can go for. LEDs are already pretty energy efficient, but why not take it up a notch and exploit this even further since the lights will have to be on the whole day when  everyone is working. You will find that there are LED lights that have controls which allow them to turn off automatically if there is no one in the room or adjust the lighting which can save a great deal of energy.

Removing Pets Odor from Carpets

Being a pet owner, you know that being one can come with more than just cuddles and licks on the face. When you own a pet, there are some challenges to face no matter how much you love them. One of these is making sure that your carpet is free from any stain and/or odor from them doing their business where they shouldn’t. Fret not, there are a number ways you can try to combat this problem at home. Pet odor removal need not be impossible.

Brooke's Chem-Dry

Carpet Cleaning

First thing you should do is to get a stock of baking soda going. Baking soda is a great substance for absorbing odors and neutralizing. It typically is your best friend when it comes to removing any odor form the carpet. In addition to that, it can be sued as an air freshener by just leaving it out in the open inside its open box.

Before you sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, try to see if it won’t leave a stain though baking soda generally doesn’t do so but it’s better to be safe. You can test the fabric compatibility by sprinkling some on an inconspicuous part of the carpet.

When you are sure that the baking soda doesn’t do anything to the fabric, you can sprinkle some on the area where your pet urinated. Before you do sprinkle the baking soda, you should soak up the area until you can’t draw any more moisture. Let the baking soda sit and just vacuum it up once you are finished.

If you prefer not to sprinkle some baking soda on your carpets but still need a solution to remove the odor, you can make a fabric spray to neutralize the odor. All you need is some baking soda, white vinegar, water, and a spray bottle. Just mix 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tbsp of white vinegar and 2 cups of water into the bottle. Make sure to mix this well. With the vinegar, this also acts as a good stain remover to help you with your carpet cleaning.

You may find a number of solutions to remove any odor from carpets which work well. From finely scented candles to products from the store, or even the spray you made. But if you don’t target the problem from its roots, then you will have to keep on cleaning your carpet. One way to prevent animals from going back to the carpet is to make sure none of their odor remains on the carpet. You can do this by fully neutralizing the odor.

First, you must make sure that the area is dried off as much as possible. You can go to the hardware store and rent a wet vacuum to flush out the remaining stain. Don’t forget to do an inspection of the layers underneath to find any hidden smell. After making sure that the soiled area has been cleaned, you can go buy a high quality odor neutralizer. You should take caution and not use chemicals as these may irritate your pets and they will attempt to cover up the smell with their own urine.

Of Windows and Drapes, Blinds, and Memories

We have a large family and once every month our backyard is the go-to place for gatherings among friends and family. It’s not a very large backyard, but it has a great view. It was the reason we purchased this house, I saw the view from the master’s bedroom upstairs and I knew we had our home. This beautiful place nestled on a hill has a great view of the sun rising in the morning that I almost don’t pull down the window shade except on days when we plan to sleep in.

Window Shades

Window Drapes

Today marks the tenth anniversary of our marriage, and looking around the house, the photos of our children, our family, and how time has flown gives a great feeling of being truly home. I never thought that we could ever have a quality family life when we went through so many difficulties at the start. I lost my job from the hospital I worked in and my husband had to get a pay cut at about the same time twelve years ago. We were going to have our third child and the savings was depleting much faster than we wanted or tried to stop. Rick found a job that took us here, and the move from two states away was inevitable – that or we lose everything. It is a far cry from our life in a busy metropolitan but when choices are short, we had to make the best out of what we had.

I can still remember parting the window drapes in the living room as I examined the place in the stark light of the day and mentally thought of all the things we had to do to make this place a pleasant one. It was old but it was well maintained, but it seemed like it needed a lot of affection. I thought about our life and wondered what was in store for us. In that moment I made a resolute decision to make our life a good one no matter what.

The husband worked and I stayed at home while I waited for something good to come along. One day, our daughter’s PTA asked for parents to participate in a fund raiser for the school by getting stands for the school during the State Fair where parents can sell home made products. I wasn’t much of a baker like most of the other mothers, but I knew chemistry because I was a pharmacist before I lost my job due recession. So I made homemade soaps and lotions. I packaged them in nice boxes, stamping the initials of my name in monogram fashion. It was a hit, and so my home based business came into being.

It did well at the start, getting orders from friends mostly. It eventually made its way to some of the artisanal shops in town and soon it became a steady source of income. I can hold my own, not just as a housewife, but also as the owner of my own business. It is amazing how one can find hope in a time of despair and rise above it.

It’s almost dusk, I peek through the window blinds from the kitchen and it looks like our friends have arrived to join us for a small barbecue. I look around, grateful for everything, and smile as I make my way outside with some food.

Contractor marketing can be done cheaply.

Literally just coming from a construction site, it is crazy to really think about all of the processes that are taking place simultaneously to make the entire site come together and produce a building, road, or bridge.  It is incredible and you should deb able to advertise your talents.  Doing so, may actually be the toughest part for a number of the people in the construction industry.  As you are aware, one of the most important things people can do is to develop a self confidence that leads to relationships with sub contractors and your workers.

These relationships are often the basis off of which many jobs are accomplished and in doing so, you should be able to increase the amount of business that you handle through all of your work.  Looking forward there are several ways that you can tackle the contractor marketing for your business. The first is that you can rely on the relationships that you have built and continue to use those as a great way to get to know new people and to be referred by sub contractors.  The other is through a traditional news source.  This traditional news source is generally a billboard, print, or radio advertisement.  Although one would presume that it would be a little weird to hear of a contractor advertisement on the radio.  Nevertheless, the most effective may not be a traditional route and would instead rely on internet marketing.  Internet marketing is a great new way to reach people.  It is effective because many of the times someone seeks out new services, they utilize Google or some other search service.  The fact that a person would use Google means that they are much more willing to click on a web address that is close to the top of their Google search and that is largely where a search engine optimization firm will come into play.  By partnering with a search engine optimization (SEO) firm, you can increase the visibility of your contracting business. Utilizing contractor SEO for your contracting business means that you can make more connections with potential clients and develop a more sound understanding with what they may be expecting as clients and what you are able to provide as a contractor.contractor seo

There are many different avenues that you can take this kind of marketing as well.  You can focus on the development of a high quality website that will give people more access to your business and you can figure out a great way to ensure that you and your company will be able to create a sound understanding between you and your client of everything that you can produce without having to consult with the clients form the beginning.  It is an excellent way to promote your business.  Contractor Marketing Gurus is able work with your business to achieve this end and develop an understanding of everything that you want to accomplish through your internet marketing strategy.  It is a sound way of increasing attention to your company.


Heating and Cooling Systems

HVAC, which is short for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning is the type of technology we see today in houses and also vehicles which can give more environmental comfort to the people within the house or the vehicle. The design of an HVAC system is a mechanical engineering sub discipline. The principles involved in HVAC are fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. There are some systems which include refrigeration in the system. This changes the abbreviation to HVACR or HVAC&R. The system could also exclude ventilation but still have refrigeration, making it HACR.

When building any medium or large buildings used for office work or industry which includes skyscrapers, HVAC is an essential part of. HVAC is also very important in water environments like an aquarium. HVAC systems are used in aquariums because the safety and health conditions have to be maintained as well as the temperature, humidity, and air from the outside area.

air conditioning and heating repair

air conditioner repair

The ventilation in HVAC is probably the most used. Ventilation of the air is essential for improving the quality of the air indoors by filtering out bacteria, smoke, dust, harmful chemicals, as well as controls the temperature of the air and regulating the oxygen. With ventilation, any unwanted smells can be easily removed as well as keep the humidity down.

HVAC has three main functions as shown in the name itself. These are heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. All three are focused on giving the user with the thermal comfort he desires as well as give better quality of air indoors. The cost for installing, operating, and maintaining an HVAC system is quite reasonable and not expensive. With an HVAC system, you can have air ventilation, prevent any infiltration of outside air, as well as maintain the pressure of the space inside your house. The process where the heated, ventilated, and conditioned air is delivered and removed from parts of the house is called room air distribution.

In the buildings that are modernly designed today, the installing and heating and cooling systems for controlling the needed processes are simply build into one HVAC system and may add more systems if needed. In the construction of smaller buildings, the contractor assigned will simple give an estimation of the capacity. The contractor will also be the one to pick the HVAC system that will be built into the house. In the construction of bigger builders, the designers and the engineers involved have to do an analysis and design and give a specific HVAC system to be used. Mechanical contractors are then hired to do the commissioning and fabrication of the systems. No matter the size of the building constructed with an HVAC system, permits are always needed.

HVAC systems are used and controlled each for an individual building, or space. However, there are cases where equipment is used to create a network of HVAC system to cover a larger area. This involved district cooling and district heating. The whole build-up is known as a district network. Because of it being a network, resources like water can be used as cooling and heating in different areas.

Commercial garage doors can vary in size.

One of the author’s first jobs was to manage the City of Denver’s workplace giving campaign. Part of this role was to go around to different city offices and give presentations about the opportunity to give back to the community. It was truly an awful experience in a lot of respects, but it also taught the author more than he could have asked for, so it was a good experience overall. Nevertheless, the reason why he brings up this experience is because some of the work was done in the large garages managed by the city.

residential overhead doorsFew people think about all of the work that is being done in the fleet maintenance, police stations, solid waste, and street cleaning offices of the city. Each of them have huge repair shops that employ hundreds of people and really do keep our city running. With this in mind, there are actually entire industries that are there to support shops like these. These industries can range from commercial overhead doors to the parts and supplies that are needed to get the jobs done.

The overhead doors in particular were some of the most interesting aspects of the garages because of their size and the coordination needed to install something like that. Each of the overhead doors that were part of the fleet maintenance office were about three hundred square feet. Think about trying to hang something that is that size. It would be near impossible and something that would make most of these tasks particularly difficult. As a result, these offices would generally need to hire some of these outside companies to do the work of hanging the overhead doors.

One of the most popular companies that the author would occasionally see around is called Christie Overhead Door.

Christie Overhead Door does just about any kind of residential or commercial garage door hanging that you can imagine. This is good work for the companies as they are constantly looking for ways to encourage people to have a greater sense of space. If you are a company that is looking to have this kind of door installed, there are quite a few companies that could do you worse than Christie Overhead Door. With that in mind, check out there website at to see what they might have available for you family garage or business. They should have quite a selection and they will also be able to walk you through all of the options for installment. After seeing the speed at which they were able to install a neighbor’s garage, it has to be said that the whole experience does not take that much time. Give them a call and see what they might be able to do with your home and office. They should be able to get everything done in just a few days and that is exactly what many people are looking for when they get that kind of work done. They also have friendly service which is a plus these days.

Water Heater is Important During Winters

Winter is coming, not in Winterfell but in our home this summer. The boiler heater is acting up again, and it’s such a drag to have to deal with it every now and then. We inherited it from the previous owners of the house and from the look and the sound of it, it looks like it has seen too many seasons. It’s a good thing that it’s summer, or the kids would raise hell about cold water coming out of the shower. It’s bad enough to have to coax three adolescents into taking a shower, it’s worse when the water heater gives them a good reason not to.


Water Heater

We have called the go-to guy in our neighborhood to take care of the plumbing twice in the last three weeks but to no avail. He suggested that we replace the boiler because it’s too old and has served its purpose beyond its lifetime, plus the water heater repair would just be a band-aid solution. He recommended that we replace it with a tankless water heater. It is going to cost but he assures us that it will be a good investment for the long term.

I don’t like change, especially when it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. But I draw the line when it comes to bathroom and plumbing concerns; things we take for granted when everything is well and the very same things that can be a real pain when it breaks down.  Unfortunately for the husband me, it is one of those things that ordinary mortals like us cannot solve through DIY.

It’s a good thing that we found DRF Trusted Property Solutions to service our area. We thought that if we were going to break the bank, we might as well call in the experts because I shudder at the thought of scrimping on labor and find ourselves with a system that won’t work as promised. They installed the new tankless water heater in less than a day and it worked perfectly well. It’s amazing how small it is compared to the old boiler system it replaced. They even cleaned up the area before installing the new system.

Now we have a system that only operates when needed, so the energy savings is a bonus for us. And since it has no need for tanks to store water in it, we get cleaner water for our use. It is a big relief to have to have a long-term solution to what started to become a recurring plumbing problem. It’s a good thing it happened in summer when the weather is temperate. Sure we can shower with cold water but the evenings call for a hot shower to ease aching muscles. The winter would be a different story, never mind if we hardly sweat in the cold months, we need the water between warm to hot at all times.

Summer is almost over, and spring will be here in no time. Pleasant temperature ahead before count the days again as we gear up for winter. Oh well, we live life through the seasons and just make the best of it.

Dental care is vital to your overall health.

Very few people put dental care in the same echelon as working out and eating right, but it could be one of the most important things that you do for yourself.  The reason for this is that your mouth and the bacteria in your stomach are directly related to how you feel and how your body digests food.  One of the leading areas of thought right now is related to stomach bacteria.  Some researchers will even go so far as to suggest that stomach bacteria can be directly related to everything from diseases to obesity.  The reason for this is the efficiency of the body to digest food and make it a useful thing for people.  Many people’s bodies have essentially quit on them and that is largely due to the fact that they did not clean their mouths as much as they should have.

affordable denturesThis is dental care. From brushing to flossing and oral surgery in between, you can never take too good of care of your mouth.  It is a direct relationship between health and your ability to keep your mouth in good hygienic shape.  An example of this is seen with the correlation between flossing and lower rates of stomach cancer.  That’s right, people that floss on a regular basis are shown to have considerably lower rates of stomach cancer when compared with an average population that does not floss.  This can also probably be extended to colorectal issues and beyond.

So if that does not help your thinking then it may also be time to think about how increased attention to maxillofacial reviews can help.  When you think about cancers one of the worst has to be cancer of the mouth.  Maxillofacial reviews, which is a service of Peak OMS, help to ensure that you are healthy and do not have any of the cancerous areas that may appear in your mouth if you are a smoker or a chewer. On the Peak OMS website, they talk about how important screening is when they say, “Soft tissue lesions generally involve ulcers, patches, bumps, and discoloration on the gingivae (gums), palate, lips, cheek, tongue or salivary glands.  Hard tissue pathology refers to changes in the teeth or jaw bone(s). Fortunately, abnormal changes in the mouth are often detected early because the oral cavity is rich in nerves and is an area that we are typically very aware of.  Although such tissue change usually does not mean nor prove to be cancer, it certainly needs to be examined promptly to determine exactly what it may be.”

Clearly this is something that more and more people should be paying attention to and as a result, it may be worth checking with your dentist to see if he or she thinks that you should be seeking out additional dental care from an oral surgeon. It is something that you do not want to miss, so talk with your dentist to see what your options are if you have a spot of worry in your mouth.


You should feel comfortable in your dental office.

Nearly everyone that has visited a dental office has talked with someone that absolutely dreads the experience.  For whatever the reason may be, there are many people who just absolutely hate going to the dental office.  Fortunately, there are measures that many of the dental offices have taken to be proactive and figure out what the barriers for people are.  Many of these solutions may seem simple on the onset, but take a lot of cooperation among the people at the dental office.

With that in mind, one of the best things that you can do is to communicate any issues that you have with your dental hygienist or dentist.  There was one situation where the person felt like was drowning when the dental hygienist would wash out his mouth during the polishing portion of the cleaning.  It is a very basic part of the cleaning, but for some reason or perhaps a past experience, this caused him a lot of anxiety.  To solve this problem, the dental hygienist allowed for him to control the water when it was time to rinse out his mouth.  This not only satisfied his needs, but allowed for him to move on and become more comfortable in the dental office.

kids dentistCases like this are not uncommon and it is even more likely for a child to have that apprehension.  That is why pediatric dentists have to go to school for a longer period of time than a dentist that only works with adults.  A pediatric dentist has to attend two to three more years of schooling to get the proper certificates.  As a result, they are experts on working with and speaking with children to ensure that they are comfortable with all of the processes that are going on.

The dental hygienist can give the child a number of options while they are in the chair and this helps incredibly.  Some of these examples are anything from being able to choose the favors of the toothpaste and fluoride to being able to wear sunglasses in the chair.  There are many different ways that people can work with kids and it helps to have that extra training when it comes time to working with them on all of their individual needs.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there are family dentists out there that can work with the entire family.  One in Denver is Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry. Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry can work with the whole family. They will be able to clean the teeth of the adults and ensure that all of the kids in the family are able to receive a high level of care as well.  So the next time you are looking for a place to take your kids.  Give them a call to see if they have any openings.  Chances are that they will be able to work with you to find the right time and location, they have two, to get all of the work done quickly.

Dent repair should be quick.

There are a variety of options for when it comes to fixing some of the dents in your car. Dent repair should be a fast option and one that allows for you to leave your car at work. One of the best technological improvements in this area has been the option to schedule your dent repair at your office. This is the same sort of thing which allows for you to get your windshield replaced while you are at work.

The dent repair works the same in that it allows for you to hire a service to come to your office, so that you do not lose any time out of your day. They are able to pop the dents out through suction. It is a pretty cool thing to see and one that does not take much time at all.

car dent repairIt is this sort of technology that is helping people every day. From being able to access all of the information at your finger tips to developing enhanced surgery options for people, the speed and precision of a number of these tasks has never been higher. With that in mind, these rules apply to the car industry as well. Before this year who would have thought about the prospects of electric cars outselling traditional cars? Few people would have and we are starting to reach that reality. Moreover, you have more and more services to support these cars. You now have fill up stations for the electronic cars all over the east coast and that is just a huge benefit to all of the people that own these cars and are looking to take them up and down the eastern seaboard. Doing this kind of driving also means that you are impacting the environment to a much lesser degree.

When you are looking for ways to get involved in the community, doing auto repair work also helps lower income people.  This is one of the best ways you can help them by getting them the opportunity to have their cars repaired.  This helps them get from A to B and it helps to ensure that they will be able to get to and from work without having to get on and off the bus constantly.  While the bus may cost less, it does cost money in terms of time.  So being able to help out a family by sending their car to an auto repair shop may be one of the best gifts out there. It is a great way to help some people out and being able to do this over a period of time, you will actually have an economic impact in your region.  It is a great way to ensure that you are paying forward your benefits in life.  Do it today and see how you might be able to feel after helping some people out in your community.  It should make you feel great about yourself.  It is a huge benefit to you and your family to have that purpose.


Precision machining is a growing technology.

As mentioned in a previous article, there are a number of businesses in Colorado that are able to support the space industry.  These businesses are growing and part of an industry cluster, which employs many Coloradans.  It is a great thing for the state to have this industry located here and one that improves the state’s balance sheet incredibly.

With that in mind, it is worth taking a look at some of the companies that work here and how they are they are transforming the workforce in Colorado.  Colorado is blessed to have one of the highest rates of college degrees in the country.  This is largely due to the huge influx of talent from other places and the ability of the state to support the industries to a very high extent.  They are able to do this through different tax breaks and creating many different pathways, so that potential employees can get into contact with the employers.  The largest of these employers is probably Lockheed Martin, which is located at the very end of Wadsworth Blvd.  If you were to take Santa Fe south and then exit to Wads, you will be able to find the sprawling complex.  It’s magnitude is only matched by the sheer beauty of the area.

wire edmLockheed Martin is actually a rather recent organization and it started with two separate companies that merged back in 1995.  Since then the national teams have been based here with some of the other teams located in California.  With all of the teams all over the place, it is convenient to have some of the manufacturing done here in the state.  There is a decent amount of manufacturing that is taking place along the I-70 corridor.  This area is known for its manufacturing (and now its pot).  When you look down the highway, you are bound to see many different precision machining shops.  These shops are there to support many of the aerospace buildings out south and do a great job of producing the goods necessary to support the industry clusters.

Industry clusters are an effective way of managing different clusters of companies that compose an entire industry.  For example. you have the aerospace industry here in Denver.  The aerospace industry is supporting the many different other industries and jobs and that is what composes the industry cluster. The economic impact that comes from this group of companies is how the industry cluster is measured.  Pulling all of this information together is a great way for a state to see how it is doing against other states in the region and nationally.

So the next time you are looking for a precision machine shop, it is worth noting that you are part of a larger industry cluster that is doing some great things for the people of the state.  It is partly due to your company that so many people here are getting decent educations and they are supporting the local economies and the people that exist here.  It is a great thing to be a part of.

Cattle ranches are for sale in Oregon.

My girlfriend and her brother recently drove all the way to Oregon, so that my brother could move there for the summer.  I think that they had a really good time driving out there and they had a really interesting story to tell when they got back.  As it turns out, as soon as they exited Nevada, they came upon a huge cattle ranching operation in which the cowboys were directing many of the cattle through the road.  I wasn’t there, but my girlfriend told me that there were probably 500 or more cattle that were wandering around on the road.  Although it is probably not the most convenient thing for driving, I thought that it was pretty interesting to hear of an operation that has cattle grazing on open lands.  You do not often hear about cattle being raised on the open lands.  You usually are familiar with these cattle being in feed lots, so it was great to hear about them having the opportunity to graze on grass and have a little bit more dignity as animals.

You often hear about cattle in the feedlots, so my hope is that this is part of a greater movement in ranching.  I am familiar with the concept that many of the ranches in Oregon are being put up for sale and many of them are being purchased by younger urbanites that are looking to have a more intimate relationship with their food.  My hope in this endeavor is that more and more of these people that are looking to humanely raise their cattle are purchasing the ranches in Oregon and allowing for the cattle to remain in the open lands.  The benefit of this can be two fold.

oregon ranches for saleFirst, it benefits the owners of the ranches that are putting them up for sale in Oregon because it removes some of the barriers around the fear that the land could be developed.  And maybe that is an anecdotal fear of mine, but that would definitely be an issue with me.  The second benefit is that much of the food that will be produced will also be organic and that is a benefit to the land and all of the consumers. We all know that organic food is better for the land and for the people that are involved so I do hope that many of the lands will not be turned back to the traditional form of agriculture.  There is a very strong chance that if that were to occur, you will see the exact same ranches for sale in Oregon because there is less of a reason to invest in the land. Nevertheless, my hope is that the new owners of the ranches will invest in making sure that the environmental health remains the most important thing.  In my mind, that is definitely something that I can get behind.  It is vital for the long term health of our communities and animals.  Hopefully other people see that being the same case.  That would be fantastic.


Oil diffusers are great gifts.

I haven’t really given much thought to essential oils or anything like that before a recent yoga class that I took.  I really do enjoy yoga and one of the things about the classes that I enjoy most is the opportunity to challenge yourself both physically and mentally.  You get into certain poses and, while you can only be thinking about the chance to get out of the pose, it really helps your mental fortitude to think about how to improve your posture while you’re  in the pose.  It’s a great way to strength your character in addition to the obvious beneficial health aspects of the practice.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring up essential oils is that they often play a role in yoga.  There are things called chakras that run throughout the body from the navel to the top of the head.  There are seven of these chakras and each has its own frequency.  Essential oils come in because they have the ability to tap into these different frequencies.  They really help open up these different chakras and it’s a great way to benefit your mind and your body through this practice.  I know that on Tuesday my yoga teacher decided to use a lavender scent, but there are many of these oils that are able to open up the different chakras.  Frankincense oil being one of those oils that has the ability to open up the mind and the heart for specific chakras.  It is pretty cool to experience the smell, feeling, and hearing of the music while you are doing yoga and thinking thoughts to open up specific parts of your body and personality.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time doing this and I hope to be able to continue my practice into the future.  The other really cool thing about utilizing essential oils during yoga training is your ability to also incorporate the scents into use at home.  There are different scents that can be used to sleeping, waking up, or positivity.  I would love to be able to install an oil diffuser in my home that makes me and all those that come into the house a little bit more positive about everything.  I think that would be a tremendous impact to have on a number of people and I hope to be able to do something like this soon.  It would be a great step to put some of those oil diffuser sticks in my bedroom and let them send out positive thoughts and smells.  That is something that I think would be extremely beneficial to someone that would not have access to something like that otherwise.  I would also have to say that I am a big proponent of working with different groups to make sure that they can think positively about their futures.  As a result, bringing something like that into work would be a great way to encourage positive thinking and motivation among your friends, staff, and colleagues throughout the work day.

essential oils

I used my Invisalign braces as my retainer.

It is really interesting to see how everyone’s upbringings were able to affect them as adults.  I know that I am much more conscious about the food that I eat and drink because of my mother.  Soda was practically outlawed in my house and that is a result of all of the sugar that could rot out my teeth.  I know that there were many other households in which that was not really a rule.  I am also pretty aware of calories, but that is not really something that I need to be getting into here.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring up my upbringing is that I am at a point in time in my life that it is worth reflecting on how far I have come and how many people have helped my out along the way.  I say this not to seem like I am especially advanced in my career, but rather as a point to say that I owe any success that I have had to my parents, friends, and teachers.  One of my most influential teachers was actually my orthodontist. I am not sure if he knows this or not, but he was very influential on how I viewed professionalism and being active in the community.  Obviously now, considering the fact that I work for a nonprofit, I am very supportive of anyone that wants to be active in the community.  I think that it is a great way to spend time and my orthodontist was very active with the local rotary.  He was also a great person to work with on my teeth.  My mother and him worked in the same dental office and as a result, they were able to work out a deal that meant that my family did not have to pay for my braces.  For the most part, I think that was a 100% win.  Through the process, and this only lasted around nine months because my teeth were not that screwed up, my family was able to save thousands of dollars.  Moreover, any money that I make as a result of my teeth, which I have read are the first thing that a person views on a strangers, will probably have to be credited to the quality orthodontics that I received.  I also think that I should talk about the process of receiving braces and what that did for me as a person.  Not only was I able to have braces for only a short period of time, but I was also able to get Invisalign braces instead of a retainer.  This meant that instead of having to go out there with this uncomfortable thing resting on the top of my mouth, I would be able to have some slick and cool braces that would keep my teeth from coming apart.  It was a really cool thing at the time and I think that I would choose to do it all over again with those if I was given the option.