Choosing Between a Data Hub or a Data Warehouse

Data warehouses are very essential to companies and business these days. It is inside the data warehouse where companies store all of their data. Being able to store data digitally has been a great innovation these days allowing for more efficiency and not having to worry about cabinets and files of papers. However, there are a number of companies that have started to shift away from using data warehouses. Does that mean that there is something much better than a data warehouse? Well yes, and that has seemed to come in the form of Data Hubs.

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Around the world, there are already many companies that have started migrating from data warehouses to data hubs. Basically, a data hub is a data repository containing all of the information of the company allowing them to access it. The approach of data hubs is to “ingest” and store all the data and convert it to the rawest form that is possible all without putting any restrictions on it.

Whenever someone needs certain information, the data hub simply runs the query and will navigate through all of the data being stored and convert it back into something much more easily usable by the person needing the data. In general, a good data hub is an area where someone can get data easily and in an easy to use format. The Data Hub automates the very grueling task of having to navigate through data and process it into something one can use making fetching data a lot more efficient.

In the case of data warehouses, data is being stored in a number of different sources in a static structure and the way data is being categorized is simply based on how that data was entered into the system in the first place without any converting. This type of approach to managing data in a company was good enough during the time when business intelligence was still in its early stages due to the fact that the analysis was mainly done on what was considered proprietary databases and everything was limited to things like dashboards and canned reports.

When using data warehouses there can be constraints such as the time of adding a column which can take up to eight weeks and the costs which can go as high as one million dollars! There is even a survey that has showed that users have lost trust in the data that is inside the data warehouse they are using. However, even with these constraints, data warehouses are still quite important to any company. But with so much change in the data, a lot of pressure can be put on the data warehouses which take a toll on budget and confidence of the people.

Thanks to the Data Hub, there is a leading solution for being able to properly manage all the data in the company. Just like a data warehouse, a data hub can store data but at the same time it can process all the data inside making it a lot more efficient to store and making accessing the data a lot easier.



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