Dental implants will change your life

So you have had a pretty bad visit with the dentist recently…  You have been having trouble for months with the condition of your teeth and gums from poor hygiene in the past.  Just a few years of not flossing can lead to a whole world of pain and stress.  Unfortunately, you lost your dental coverage for a few years so you didn’t see a dentist and you were traveling and busy so you didn’t floss, and now you are here.  It’s not the end of the world for your teeth, so don’t give up all hope just yet.  But you do need to meet with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to talk about treatment options.  Don’t be nervous, just listen and understand that you can have a beautiful smile again that operates and isn’t so sensitive.  Here is how.

Some specialists claim that dental implants are the best invention for the dental practice since the discovery of fluoride.  We all know that fluoride has saved so many mouths from destruction so that’s a pretty big statement.  Dental implants are a bit scary to consider when you hear about all that is involved, but the end result will leave you happy and able to use your teeth like normal.  Implants are the answer to a lot of problems where teeth are lost, such as through gum disease, a failed root canal, facial trauma or an accident, or simple tooth decay.  Once a tooth gets to a certain point there isn’t much that will save it and it might have to be removed.  When there are multiple teeth that need to be extracted, a bridge might sometimes be put in to replace the holes with porcelain teeth.  Bridges, however, need to be replaced every so often and they can lead to further gum disease because food gets trapped in the pockets that sit up against the gum.  Flossing isn’t possible with bridges because the teeth are fused together on each side.  Many times dental implants would have been a better option than a bridge, but they can also seem more daunting because the procedure is most invasive and the cost is higher.  However, the end result is far better.

So what exactly is a dental implant and how can it help?  For each place in your mouth where a tooth had to be removed for one reason or another, an implant is placed into the jawbone.  This implant has a hole in it that allows for a porcelain tooth to be “screwed” into oral surgeonthe bone.  Basically you can have one or multiple teeth that are fashioned to look exactly like your natural teeth with matching color and size.  These teeth are screwed into the base that has been implanted into your jaw bone so that they replace the missing teeth and are secure.  The implants, the screws, and the teeth themselves are all extremely strong and durable and are meant to replicate your natural teeth exactly.  So you can eat and drink just like you used to, and also brush and floss just as you did with natural teeth.  They really are amazing when you see what they can do and how they replaced your former teeth that were not performing well at all.

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