Digital Marketing: What Not to Do

digital marketingIf you want your business to expand and bring in the kind of revenue you need, you have to turn to digital marketing. People search for all manner of things online these days, so by having a website, by engaging in social media, and by turning to many different options, you will be able to reach many more people. It is important, however, to know about digital marketing so that you can avoid making common mistakes which can cost you clients. If this is something you are concerned about, we have some things you should keep in mind to have the best possible results.

  • Ignoring Mobile: People these days use their tablets and phones much more than their laptops. This means that you want to ensure your website design is one that reads well in mobile options. You do not want people to have a hard time scrolling through the site or clicking on pages because the site does not adjust to phone usage. This will put off lots of people and you cannot afford to do that, especially if your business is new.
  • Too Much: There is a danger of using too many social media platforms at the same time, which can dilute your message and make it more difficult for you to engage with customers. Choose just three or four platforms that you are comfortable with and build that up. Engaging in too many conversations at the same time can exhaust you and will not help your business as much as you need.
  • Blanket Newsletters: Never send newsletters to people who have not expressly signed up for them. People will get very annoyed and may even blacklist you. Newsletters can be vital to your business, so take the time to offer incentives to get people to sign up for them, including discounted items or coupons for services. Also, be sure to give people the option of opting out of the newsletter if they want to. You never want to frustrate your clients.
  • Annoy: People do not want to be hounded for sales. Being too pushy can put people off and make it even harder for you to get the reputation you really want. Also, take the time to answer all customer concerns in an efficient manner so that they do not think that you are ignoring their issues. For new businesses, in particular, this is important, since you want to build your reputation into a positive one right from the beginning.

The right digital marketing strategies can do wonders for your business. It is important, however, to keep in mind that there are pitfalls you can fall into if you are not careful. This is why hiring experts like those at Nico Associates can be so important. They will help you avoid any issues you may experience with digital marketing and they can do so easily. With some guidance, you will start seeing a huge improvement in your client size and it will reflect in your bottom line.

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