Family dentists explain the best way to whiten teeth

One of the most popular request that family dentists get from their patients is how they can most effectively whitening their teeth. Everybody wants perfect white teeth, that’s why we spend millions of dollars each year on whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, whitening gels, and a variety of other whitening methods. While there is no shortage of whitening products available on the market, the sheer volume of whitening methods seems to indicate that there is no one correct way to make your teeth as white as possible. Many dentists will say that the only really truly effective way to make your teeth white it Is to go to a professional cosmetic dentist and have them do an in office whitening or a laser whitening treatment. Each whitening method is going to have its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so we talked to a family dentist at Inverness family dentistry to find out what really works, and what we should save our money on.

The first thing want talk about is going to the dentist for a professional whitening treatment. Professional whitening treatments are often the most effective and they can whiten teeth and the most shades. The lightening chemicals that a dentist has access to are much stronger then anything you can buy at the drugstore.  Unfortunately this method is also typically the most expensive. Since teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic dentistry option, dental insurance often will not cover the costs of professional teeth whitening treatments. For an in office whitening treatment, often the procedure can be completed in only one visit especially if they are doing a laser whitening method. At home methods require repetitive treatments in order to see a difference in the color of the teeth. If you decide to get fitted for at home whitening trays by the dentist this is typically also going to be more effective than over-the-counter treatments. Professional whitening trays are often molded to your specific mouse by the dentist so they will not irritate your gums while you use them.

Purchasing a whitening strips or gel from a drug store is a much more economic option that can still show results. One drawback to these methods is that they tend to make the teeth more sensitive as they are used more frequently. With over-the-counter whitening methods, you will still see a difference in the color of your teeth but you will not be able to lighten your teeth as many shades as you would with the professional treatment with your family dentist.

Whitening toothpastes have the least amount of conclusive evidence showing that they work. But they are also the most affordable since you were going to buy toothpaste no matter what. If you are interested in a whitening toothpaste that actually works, you should speak to your family dentist to find out which toothpaste they recommend. Many dentists have a professional strength tooth paste that they can also sell to you that will be more affordable than a professional whitening treatment.

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