How to Take Care of Those Dirty Window Shutters

People who have set up window Shutters at home know how great they are. Having window shutters set up allows you to add more aesthetic value to your home with its beautiful designs and variety of color and at the same time be able to benefit from it functionally through privacy and light control. Window shutters are quite a popular type of window treatment and you can find them in many homes today. With so many choices one might be overwhelmed but you are sure to find something that will fit your home.

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Shutters can look quite beautiful in your room when chosen and set up well but in order to maintain their beautiful look and make them last longer it is important to properly take care of them and do regular maintenance. Understand the window shutters can like magnets to dirt so it can be understood why one needs to clean them often. If dirt is allowed to buildup the shutters will start to look dull and its quality will degrade. If you want to do proper maintenance and care, here is what you can do to take care of those dirty window shutters.

1.) Dust the shutters – Dusting your window shutters is the simplest and easiest approach to maintaining their cleanliness. You can dust your shutters as often as needed especially once you notice that dust has started to settle on the shutters. If you don’t dust your shutters often the dust could go in deeper and be much harder to remove and clean out.

2.) Wipe them with a solution – After dusting their window Shutters, many homeowners also go through the extra effort of wiping them off with a solution. Wiping off your shutters with a soapy water solution is great for removing any dirt and grime that has really stuck onto the shutters which simple dusting just can get rid of. Avoid harsh chemicals lest damaging your shutters.

3.) Vacuum your shutters – Vacuuming your shutters is a viable solution once you have noticed that there is a considerable buildup of dust and dirt on the shutters. By making use of a vacuum you will also be able to do a deeper clean and really remove any dust and dirt that has stuck into the shutters and settled there.

4.) Spot clean them – If you have cloth or fabric shutters chances are you might get a stain on them. If this happens, don’t panic, but remember to act quickly. The best thing to do when dealing with stains on fabric is through spot cleaning. To do this, get a cloth and moist it with a soap solution and dab it on the area making sure not to rub or else the mess will get worse.

5.) Steam your shutters – Dirt that has really embedded itself into your shutters can be a challenge even with a vacuum. The best approach to this is by steaming your Shutters. The steam can loosen the stuck up dirt and it can even help remove any wrinkles in the fabric of your shutters.

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