It’s a good time of year to hire a roofing company to come inspect your roof. much of the country will still experience a snowstorm or two, for the most part the spring is finally here. Denver, for example, has already had a handful of days over eighty degrees. Such temperatures are unusually high, but their existence is yet another harbinger of spring. The flowers are coming out on many of the trees around the country, flowerings are blooming, and the grass is turning green. This means the virtual end of winter and the beginning of spring, and before you know it’s going to be July Fourth and you’ll be standing outside by your barbecue grilling up some burgers and hot dogs.

There are lots of things that spring is good for, like hanging out with friends outside and getting your softball league up and running again. It’s also the best time of the year to hire a roofing company to come and inspect your roof. The fact of the matter is that the winter is incredibly harsh on your roof. First, you have all the snow that falls and sits up there for days at a time. This puts a lot of weight on the roof, and it can cause some areas of it to buckle. If this doesn’t happen, there’s still the chance that when that snow starts to melt your roof will get incredibly damp and could spring a leak. There’s also the issue of having all that water up there and then having it freeze. Everybody who’s ever made an ice cube in a freezer understands that when water freezes it expands. Thus, if there’s a bunch of water on your roof and it freezes it’s going to expand, and this expansion can put undue stress on specific areas of the roof and can even cause some of the shingles to crack and break.

The winter is especially hard on your roof, which is why it’s such a good idea to have roofers come and take a look once it’s over. They can identify if there are any areas that were damaged by expanding ice, snow melts, or the weight of the snow. If they notice any issues they can make the necessary repairs before the issue gets worse. If the roof is allowed to continue as it is after it’s been damaged then the homeowner might eventually have to replace the entire roof, which as you might have guessed can cost a great deal more money than just having it repaired. If it’s been a harsh winter in your part of the country then you should call a roofer as soon as the temperatures warm and have them perform a maintenance check.

If you happen to live in Denver, then the first company you’ll want to call is Academy Roofing. They’ve worked in the roofing industry in the Mile High City for nearly forty years, and their incredible experience and expertise means they do an outstanding job for each of their customers. Visit their website or reach out to them by phone to set up an appointment today.

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