Learning about Mandrel Bending and Ring Roll Bending in Pipe Fabrication

The process of pipe bending fabrication is something that is done in large factories that world with raw metal that turns it into pipe products. However, bending a pipe isn’t really confined to the walls of a large pipe bending factory as it can be done at home with simple pipe bending tools and a little calculation. However, bending a pipe isn’t as easy as you expect; it will take some getting used to in order to bend a pipe properly. Apart from doing some simple math, bending something metal will require a certain amount of force that you will want to be familiar with.

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It is important to understand that bending a pipe is not just about trying to form a piece of metal down into the right angle or shape. If you want to create a quality piece that has a clean bend and little deformation, you need to do the calculations properly as well as practice with the pipe bending tool beforehand. Something that you can do to practice and familiarize yourself with using the tool and bending a pipe is by using a test piece of piping before getting to bend the real thing.

Now today, we are going to talk about two different methods used in the pipe bending process and these are ring roll pipe bending and mandrel pipe bending.

First let’s take a look into the mandrel bending method. In this approach to pipe bending fabrication, it aims to reduce the amount of deformation on the pipe as it is being bend inside the bender resulting in a bent pipe that has little to no deformed areas. The reduction in pipe deformation is thanks to the supporting mandrel. The mandrel is a flexible support piece that goes into the pipe when the pipe goes into the pipe bending tool. This means that when the pipe bending tool is being bent the mandrel inside bends as well.

With the presence of the mandrel piece inside the pipe and the tool that makes tight contact on the pipes outer area, it can be made sure that there will be little or no deformities that will appear. This method of pipe bending is used for exhaust pipes, heat change pipes, intake pipes, etc.

Now let’s talk about the ring roll pipe bending method. This method of bending pipes is utilized when pipes that have a larger radius have to be bent. The ring roll pipe bending method makes use of three metal rolls which are attached to a single shaft. When the pipe is being fed through it is there three metal rolls that bend the pipe. Two metal rolls are at the bottom contact of the pipe while a single metal roll makes contact with the top area.

Primarily it is the top roll which exerts downward pressure that causes the pipe to bend. The ring roll pipe bending fabrication method is primarily used to create large pipe products particularly ones that have large radius pipes.

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