Magnetic strips are an easy way to organize jewelry

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Jewelry is a popular way to provide personality and style to any outfit. Even the most plain styles like a classic white tee shirt and jeans can be made to look especially fashion forward by adding a few accessories like a large statement necklace or perhaps even big, statement earrings. For outfits like a little black dress or a solid colored sweater, jewelry can turn a look from day to night or from casual to fancy. Bracelets, rings and broaches are another way to add a bit of flair to any outfit without the need for bulky outer garments or expensive shoes. Besides that, jewelry is much more compact and easier to collect and store for people who live in small spaces as opposed to collecting clothes that can easily overtake a small closet. Jewelry storage, however, is often frustrating because it needs to be easily seen at a glance and can often tangle when it is stored in a drawer or small jewelry box. For those who have large collections of jewelry, visual storage is important. This is why many people have been using magnetic strips as a way to store jewelry in small spaces.

Magnetic strips can be put up on walls in a closet, bedroom, hallway, bathroom or office with relative ease and will provide a place for jewelry to hang without getting tangled. It will also be in plain sight meaning it is easy to accessorize an outfit and find what one needs and what they are looking for.

Magnet strips are also extremely cost effective and will prevent someone from needing to buy an expensive jewelry case. It will also prevent one from needing to declutter their jewelry and get rid of pieces they love simply because they do not have the space to store them. In addition, magnet tape can turn jewelry into art by allowing it to hang on the wall and be seen. Jewelry is decorative for outfits and the body, so there is no reason why it shouldn’t also be able to serve as decor. Particularly for someone who is a lover and collector of jewelry, this is a pro for having the ability to display jewelry in a streamlined, organized way in one’s home. Much like the way chefs may display knives on a magnetic wall stip or carpenters or construction workers may display tools like hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and more on a magnetic wall strip in their shop, jewelry and accessory aficionados can now use a similar tactic to display their collection of jewelry and accessories. By adding hooks they can even store scarves, bags, wallets and hats, which allows for an entire collection of accessories besides just jewelry to be displayed as art in a home.

For those who have ever worried about the size of their jewelry collection proportionate to the size of their home, bedroom or closet, magnetic strips provide an easy, cost effective, space saving way to store jewelry without needing to get rid of anything.

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