Reasons why coworking spaces are popular

It is estimated that up to one-third of those in the workplace are freelancers and the number of people working for themselves or as a remote employee is steadily on the rise. These people need a workspace and often look outside of their homes for it. However, renting commercial office space has become more and more expensive, as an office and everything that comes with it can include an expensive price tag due to the rise in property prices. Therefore, many turn to coworking spaces.

One of the reasons that these offices have soared in popularity is that many fledgling businesses and solo entrepreneurs struggle with balancing cost-effectiveness and professional presentation. When you meet with your clients or prospective clients, they expect to meet in a professional atmosphere that neither your living room with your rambunctious dog nor the crowded coffee house table can provide. Since the price of a personal office can be staggering, many turn to coworking office spaces as the solution. It gives you a cost-effective place to meet with clients and work with a business partner. It also offers a professionalism that can greatly improve your business. Plus it also includes coffee, mailrooms, WIFI, and printing that you cannot get elsewhere.

Aside from cost, executive suites also allow for those that utilize them to enjoy an energetic atmosphere without the distractions. Regardless of what you specialize in, you find yourself surrounded by other professionals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and ready to get down to business without the inherent dread that can come with cubical farms.  It is also important to note that accountability and concentration are not always easy to attain at home. Having a separate workspace is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity as you are not surrounded by children, household chores, and the TV to distract you.

Moreover, many individuals who work in collaborative spaces feel more confident in the type of atmosphere it provides.  The collaborative workspace increases both motivation and creative juices. In fact, one survey found that nearly three-quarters of people feel more creative since joining a coworking space and close to two-thirds said their work has improved.

Another reason why shared office space has become popular is that it makes outsourcing even faster and more efficient. You are able to collaborate on projects and different facets of projects with individuals in all types of professions. You never know when you will find yourself sitting next to an engineer, software developer, or fashion designer. This can help you to achieve a breakthrough in your project, a creative spin on a service that pushes you ahead of the competition, or a tip that boosts your productivity in unexpected ways. It also makes it so that you can just lean over and ask the person next to you for assistance and not have to hunt for a specific individual in a specific profession.

Coworking office space is much more than working next to other people. It is an effective way to interact on a deeper level.


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