Six Complications to Keep in Mind that may arise after Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is one of the popular surgical procedures to help treat patients who suffer from farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism all of which are refractive errors. Lasik Surgery is performed by eye surgeons who cut a corneal flap to access the underlying corneal tissue and use an excimer laser aimed at the tissue to reshape the cornea. The process of reshaping the cornea is known as ablation. Lasik eye surgery has proven to be effective with patients being quite satisfied with the results after undergoing the surgery.

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It is important to understand that because lasik eye surgery is a surgical procedure there is of complications that may develop after undergoing the procedure. People who wish to undergo lasik eye surgery have to be evaluated by the eye surgeon before proceeding to make sure that there are no risk factors which can increase the chance of complications developing. You as a patient should know and understand what to expect to today we are going to talk about six complications which may arise after surgery that you need to keep in mind.

1.) Your vision may be over corrected or under corrected – There is a chance that after the surgery the patient’s vision may not be what he desired. When this happens the patient has to undergo an enhancement surgery which is the second lasik treatment to sharpen his vision to his desire.

2.) Glasses or contacts may still be needed after – If ever the enhancement Lasik Surgery really can’t give the patient his desired vision (in extreme cases) the patient will still end up wearing corrective lenses but the prescription will be lighter than before.

3.) The results will not last – Regression is something that occurs among patients who have undergone surgery. Although this is uncommon there is still a risk that the patient’s vision may become blurry again after time. After all, there are no guarantees in lasik eye surgery.

4.) Dry eye symptoms may become worse – Patients who suffer from dry eye and experience redness and swelling in their eyes should wait until the symptoms subside and the eyes heal from dry eye. This is because going through lasik eye surgery may cause the symptoms to become worse.

5.) You might start seeing aberrations – The appearance of visual aberrations is something that may occur among patients who go through lasik eye surgery. These visual aberrations include heightened light sensitivity, cloudy vision, and appearance of glare and halos as well as the fluctuation of one’s vision.

6.) You may lose your vision – In very rare cases a patient may lose his vision or have it become worse and can no longer be cured. There is nothing to worry though since the chance of this complication happening is very rare and hardly anyone has experienced losing their eyesight due to lasik eye surgery.

So those are the six complications that you should keep in mind. If you want quality service and want to be in good hands, consider the Houston Eye Center which offers the best facilities and have great surgeons.

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