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For centuries and all across the globe, mothers have been having babies. These mothers come from all walks of life from field workers to lawyers to doctors to artists to engineers to waiters to writers and everything in between. With all of their differences in career, religion, language, culture socioeconomic status and more, these mothers have one thing in common: they need to be able to care for their babies in a way that is most beneficial for both the mother and the child. All busy moms must tend to their babies and the younger the child, the more attention it will need. In fact, most babies benefit from being held many hours a day. This helps the mother and child bond, while also allowing the child to develop by being around people, faces, languages and emotions. When a mother holds a baby, there is also a release of oxytocin from both the mother and baby which not only aids in overall bonding, but will make other things like breastfeeding, should a mother choose to do so, easier for both the mother and the baby.

In order to maximize the amount of time a mother and her child can bond, many mothers are looking to baby carriers to help them. A baby carrier is a contraption, usually cloth, that swaddles and cradles a baby to the mother, almost like a sling. This allows the baby to be close to the mother at all times, but leaves the mother’s arms free.

One of the difficulty things about holding a baby without a baby carrier is that it can be tiring on the arms and also can make a mother feel unproductive during her day. With a baby carrier, the child’s weight is being held by the wrap, so the the mother will not get tired as quickly.

A benefit of a baby wrap is that they are made of stretchy, comfortable, soft fabric, which is, of course, best for the baby because it allows them to sleep comfortably and stay warm, but it is also good for the mother. This is because the soft, stretchy, durable fabric is much more comfortable and allows the weight of the child to be distributed appropriately across the mother’s back and shoulders. A correctly wrapped baby wrap will ensure that there is no strain on the mother while the child is resting comfortably in the wrap, which means the mother can utilize the device for longer and therefore maximize the amount of bonding time she is able to have with her child throughout the day.

Another way baby wraps are great for mom is because they come in so many different colors, styles and prints. This means they are comfortable, not only physically, but help a mother express her individual style as well. Just because moms give birth doesn’t mean they don’t have the desire to look and feel great about themselves and their style. When using a baby carrier that expresses a little character, it can make mothers feel happier and more confident, and that positive energy will absolutely be felt by their children as they carry them in a baby wrap.

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