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Engagement rings are only as good as the diamond they house and for many, this is a very personal decision. The way a diamond is cut contributes to many things, including how sparkly it is, how heavy it is and how expensive it is. There are many types of diamond cuts for a custom engagement ring and each has a very specific look and feel. Before embarking on buying a diamond, it is truly important to know a little bit of the common lingo, and that includes knowing about diamond cuts. If you have a good idea of diamond cuts, and especially, what your future fiance likes, it will help save you time because you will be able to go into The Diamond Reserve with a short list in mind and only need to look through diamonds you know are your future fiance’s style. Here are a few of the most popular diamond cuts to get you started in your research:

  1. Princess cut diamond- By far one of the most popular diamond cuts, the princess cut diamond is a favorite among brides because the name reminds them that they are a princess and because the stone is a lovely square cut. The angular cut makes it a brilliant stone when it catches light in all angles.
  2. Round cut diamond- Often cited as another of the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings, the round cut diamond is just that: round cut. A round cut diamond will often have the most sparkle and looks great in a classic solitaire setting.
  3. Emerald cut diamond- The emerald cut diamond’s method was taken from the emerald gemstone, which was cut a certain way to show off it’s brilliance. An emerald cut diamond is long and rectangular with pointed corners and if you look at it from the sides, seems to have stairsteps to the top.
  4. Cushion cut- Sometimes known as a pillow cut diamond, a cushion cut diamond is a squoval shape, mixing square cut and oval cut methods. This type of diamond looks lovely in antique or vintage settings.
  5. Pear cut diamond- A pear cut diamond, like the name implies, is shaped like a pair with a rounder, wider bottom that comes to a point. This is a unique diamond cut, perfect for the bride who likes to show her individuality. Pear cuts also elongate fingers, making them look dainty and showcasing the ring nicely.

There are, of course, numerous other cuts for diamonds, but the ones above are a good place to start and will help you start to understand the possibilities available when creating a custom engagement ring. Depending on the type of look you are going for, the cut of the diamond you choose will factor heavily into the overall look and feel of the engagement ring. Take this into account when choosing because this piece of jewelry will be on your future fiance’s finger for years to come and you want to make sure it reflects their style, individuality and taste.

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