Recently, a fitness magazine did a report on the success which Denver gyms have been experiencing over the past four or five years. The report detailed the fact that Denver has more gyms than any other mid-sized city in the western United States, as well as the highest attendance rates from gym members of any gyms in the country. The success of the Denver fitness centers has lead other gyms across the country to try and find out what makes Denver gyms so appealing to the public. The article sites several possible reasons as to what makes Denver gyms special, and we will take a look at a few of them.

One thing about Denver gyms which is unlike other gyms in the country is that Denver gyms operate 24 hours a day. The bigger gyms, such as www.matrixfitnessandspa.com have created an all-night gym culture in Denver which has driven up the number of people that regularly attend the gym. There are plenty of cities which don’t have a lot of access to all-night gyms, which means that anyone who works during the day and has family responsibilities in the evening has an almost impossible time of making it out to the gym. While there are many other cities that have a few all-night gyms to offer, the Denver night workout locations are unique in the fact that they offer the same diverse range of different classes during the night as they do for their day-time clients.  At night the gym might have group training for weightlifting, or group dance classes, so the environment has the same high energy feel as it would during the day.

Denver gyms are unique in the way they create a social experience out of their gyms. In some places in the country a gym might be nothing more than a place to go and run for a few hours after work, but not in Denver gyms. The Denver gym is much more like a club than just a fitness center. People go too gyms in Denver in order to make new friends and find people with like interests. Denver gyms facilitate people getting to know each other by holding after-hours gym parties. Many gyms will close down once a month and convert their gym space into an area for gym members to have a few drinks and talk with their fellow members. Introducing a social element into the gym atmosphere helps make the gym experience more rewarding for its members.

The last thing which must be mentioned when looking at what sets Denver gyms apart from others is the fact that Denver gyms have been able to offer cheaper rates for membership than the national average. Even though Denver has one of the highest costs of living in the country, becoming a member of a gym there is not particularly expensive. High rates of gym memberships allow the gyms to keep their prices down for everyone. If gym owners in other areas can figure out how to get more people out to the gyms, they too could lower their prices for memberships.

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