Each year there are hundreds of companies which learn the hard way, why they must have UA testing done on their workers. The hard way, referring to the way in which the company losses a huge amount of money due to drug related incidents on the jobsite. Perhaps there are still many companies out there that believe that UA testing is too expensive for their company to afford, but that simply isn’t the case any longer. Large testing agencies such as, www.gulfdiagnostics.com offer UA tests for as little as twelve dollars, depending on the number of tests which a company orders. In this article we will go over the main risks which a company deals with if it is neglecting to have its workers tested for drugs. We hope that more companies will make the right choice and start requiring UA testing after reading the information below.

First off, the biggest reason why a company should test its employees for drugs is simply to make the work area safer for all people. In a recent study released by a private study group, it was found that work areas with drug free employees were nearly 30 percent less likely to experience accident on the job. Drug use is a major factor for people making senseless errors on the job. People that work in companies that hold drug testing stay away from drug use, and that alone is worth the trouble of performing drug tests.

The second issue is one of employee interactions. A drug user may exhibit more aggressive behavior while on the job, causing other employees to feel uncomfortable. If a work space becomes toxic due to drug users, the loss will be felt throughout all areas of the company. Worker performance will drop; and some employees might decide to leave the office all together. Urinalysis will quickly indicate workers that are using personality altering drugs while at work so they can be eliminated. A happier, more relaxed work space will drive a company upwards.

Liability for actions that an employee take while using drugs can be a very serious risk for any company. If an employee is involved in an accident while on the job, the first thing that the insurance company will ask for is a drug test. Insurance providers have very strict guidelines which stipulate that they will not payout for accidents involving worker on drugs, unless the employer was performing regular drug tests in order to try and prevent drug use. If a legal case is brought to the courts, the company will be asked to show that they were doing everything within their power in order to prevent drug use among their employees, but if they don’t have records showing UA tests being done, they will almost certainly find themselves in hot water.  A company could lose millions of dollars because of an accident by a drug using employee, but they can easily protect themselves from that risk by simply having their employees tested for dangerous drugs.


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