There is a serious shortage of roofing contractors available today in this nation, though it is not exactly clear as to why that is. Roofing always has been and remains one of the most in demand home repair services requested by homeowners across the nation, yet people that find themselves in need of roofing repair may face a month long wait before a roofer can make it to their location. Major local roofing companies such as, www.jkroofing.com receive more requests for roofers each week than they can handle, and they are one of the largest roofing agencies that we have in our area. Here we take a look at some of the possible causes for the shortage in roofing professionals which we are up against today.

One possible cause for the lack of roofers may simply be that there is too much demand on the roofing industry at the moment. The country no longer builds new home sat the arte that it once did, and that means that people on the market for a house will probably purchase a secondhand home. Used homes provide housing to around 70 percent of the country’s population today, and while that is by no means a negative thing, it does mean a huge increase on home repair services such as roofing is going on. In fact, roof repairs are the most common problem that older houses face, as the average roof needs some sort of repair done every ten years. Roofers are also put in extra demand by the fact many roofing jobs that are needed currently are not simple patching and mending jobs, but rather entire roof replacements, as older homes from the 60’s and 70’s begin to require serious roof work brought on by the passing of the years. If the speculation that there are not any fewer roofers today, but rather more roofing jobs is true, then it is excellent news for roofing contractors but bleak news for people who have bought older homes which may require a lot of roof repairs on them.

Another theory behind the shortage of roofers is that the industry became oversaturated with roofers during the late part of the 80’s and the huge surge in new roofer caused the rates of roofing jobs to drop dramatically, causing some people to abandon the roofing industry for other areas of construction which provided better pay. Today, there are large roofing unions which set prices for roofing jobs which all roofers abide by, so there are currently equal pay options for all roofers on the market, but that fact may not yet be known by the majority of roofers. In a recent survey done by the roofers association the average roofer perceives that he or she is making far less money than they did in the past, a fact which is not accurate today. If the lack of roofers is indeed caused by roofers feeling they are underpaid, the possible solution could be to educate the roofing industry about the actual statistics concerning roofer wages today.

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